HBDH Atakan Mahir Militia: “We punished a collaborator who poisoned the youth in Amed!”

We punished a collaborator who poisoned the youth in Amed!

HBDH Atakan Mahir Militia personally carried out an action against the collaborative drug dealer's workplace, which is nestled at the bottom of the police school, with a cluster bomb.

On August 9, our militias bombed the teahouse near the İskanevleri Police School in Amed-Bağlar. Around “Cayci MehmetThe drug dealer collaborator known as ”, operates under the wing of the police himself, traps our youth, poisons them and tries to turn them into agents. The fact that the tea shop itself is located at the foot of the police school shows who the real executors of this poison trade are.

This fascist collaborator element, acting under the shadow of the fascist state, thought itself untouchable. Our militia bombarded this nest of poison to show that no one who commits crimes against the people goes unpunished. After the successful action under the nose of the enemy, our militia left the area safely as planned.

We will not turn a blind eye to collaborators, drug dealers, and those who poison our youth!

Forward, Further!

HBDH Atakan Mahir Militia