IED by HBDH Çiyager Militia to Police Station in Amed

 Action with IED against Police Station in Amed

On January 9, 2022, at around 00:00, an action was carried out with 2 IEDs against the police guard posts in the backyard of the Çarşı Police Station in Amed Sur district. It has been observed that the police officers, who were on the occupation watch of colonialism in our city, fled in great fear and panic after the explosion.

The colonial powers, attacking with all their might in the face of the historical Sur resistance, which lasted for 105 days, thought they had taken Sur. They tried to shackle the city's memory of resistance, the tradition of resistance, with the houses they built inside the city, which are called mass housing but were built as a prison. As they saw that they could not end the resistance determination in Sur district with massacre and imprisonment, they turned the district into a prison with mass housing.

But in vain… Even in the guard posts they set up in front of their colonial castles, fear will haunt them. Because in every street, every resistance, every house of this city, the spirit of Commander Çiyager calls the new Çiyagers to fight. It calls to join the united revolutionary struggle, which is the nightmare of the colonial fascist powers.

Wall means epic resistance. Now we call on all Sur youth to kick the stool of the rotten fascist colonial regime and take action along the united revolution line of HBDH.

HBDH Ciager Militia