HBDH Dijwar Cizre Militia: “We destroyed the guard service vehicle”

We destroyed the guard service vehicle

On May 29, 2022, at around 22:00, a minibus belonging to a private company providing shuttle services to prison staff and 5 vehicles with fascist symbols on the same street were destroyed in Istanbul/Esenyurt.

We warn the torturer guards and the people and institutions that serve them, who implement the state policy that turns prisons into "death houses". In the face of the policy of isolation and torture against revolutionary prisoners, the guards who carry out the "orders" are as guilty as those who gave the orders. In addition, private companies or persons who provide services such as transportation and logistics to these torturers in the name of "making money" will be considered guilty. It is our open call to our people; Those who work as guards in these institutions, which are centers of systematic torture and death, should not rent their house, do not shop in your shops, do not take them in your cars, do not take them around your neighborhoods and streets. Isolate those who serve the torture institutions.

With our action, we greet the historic “June 1st Guerrilla Breakthrough Move”. In the face of the invasion attacks against guerrilla areas and Rojava, we reiterate that we will open one of the biggest fronts of the war against fascism in Istanbul.

We Will Destroy Fascism, We Will Win Freedom!

Forward, Further…

Long live the United Revolution!

HBDH Dijwar Cizre Militia