HBDH Garibe Gezer Militia: We punished an agent named Yusuf Tekin in Amed

We punished an agent named Yusuf Tekin in Amed.

On 18.12.2021 at around 20:00, Yusuf Tekin, who was determined and confirmed to be an agent of AKP-MHP fascism, in addition to the chemical and drug trade in Amed/Bağlar Fatih neighborhood, was punished by our militia unit.

The person named Yusuf Tekin is an active element of the dirty war waged by the fascist state. The fascist regime, which uses chemical weapons on guerrilla forces in the mountains, makes our youth addicted to drugs and chemicals through these elements in the cities. At the same time, this person is spying on the revolutionaries with his spy activities, causing his arrest and murder.

This element, which was taken under control with the coordinated follow-up of our forces, will no longer be able to continue its activities comfortably. Anyone who commits the same crime with this element will be punished by our units.

We are making the Erdogan fascist government, paramilitary and contra forces and their supporters pay the price for the war they are waging. We are responding to the fascist government, which holds the weapon of exploitation on the poor and working people and colonialism on the Kurdish people, with a united revolutionary weapon.

We will continue to speak the language they understand.

Today, we will punish all those responsible in the same way, who murder the revolutionary prisoners in solitary cells under the name of suicide, and those who murder the sick prisoners by not giving their medicine, and who persecute the prisoners with torture and isolation. Whoever inflicts violence, isolation and torture on the prisoners in all prisons, from Edirne to Amed, will answer to our forces.

We call on all working-poor-oppressed peoples to join our united revolutionary struggle and actions.

We Will Destroy Fascism, We Will Win Freedom!

Forward, Further!

HBDH Garibe Traveling Militia