HBDH Militia: We Continue to Carry Fire in the Footsteps of Our Immortals!

We Continue to Carry Fire in the Footsteps of Our Immortals!

On September 20, 2019 at around 22:00 in Bahçelievler Yenibosna, the drug dealer Mehmet, who engaged in drug trafficking in cooperation with the police and made people addicted in childhood, was punished by our militia forces.
On September 21, 2019, at around 02:00, the plainclothes police car on the Istanbul Bayrampaşa connection road was followed and an armed attack was carried out. It could not be determined whether there is a loss in the vehicle. After a while, a random counter shot was made from the vehicle in panic, but our unit left the area safely without any loss.
Relying on AKP fascism and its minister Süleyman Soylu, we warn against the harassing and rapist police and guard gangs who rage against workers, laborers, women, Saturday Mothers, Peace Mothers, and youth. Do not consider yourself inviolable by relying on palace puppet trials by the hand of power. We are asking to account for your tortures and cruelty in the streets, not in the justice courts of fascism. The palace regime you trust is collapsing, it can no longer protect itself or you. Perhaps the people in the palace will flee overnight with planes full of money. And where will you flee when the power you acted as a hitman today collapses? We also warn the drug traffickers. Your cops with whom you cooperate cannot protect themselves, who will protect you? This devoted herd, which poisons the children of the poor people for three cents of money and makes our young people futile, is the target of the united struggle of the peoples. It is our call to all the oppressed, working people, our youth. Wherever you are, do not let these poison traffickers, police collaborators.
These two action we Aziz Guler of Turkey revolutionary youth leaders on 21 September 2015 (Rasih Liberation) in the war against Isidor immortalization of the 4th anniversary with again last year Gumushane immortalized Mehmet Fit (Cudi Zaza) was held in his honor.

HBDH Militia