Sabotage Action from HBDH Militia to the Factory

Sabotage Action from HBDH Militia to the Factory

In the statement published with the signature of the HBDH Militia, it was stated that "on September 18, our militia carried out an action against this factory in Tuzla, Istanbul."

A factory affiliated to Ema Kimya Sanayi ve Ticaret company was targeted in the action. The statement said, "It has been determined by our militias that this company produces chemical products, military camouflages and many more, and with this production, it provides great support to the fascist government and the army."

Stating that the company in question "supports the war economy of the fascist government with the labor of the people and the laborers", the HBDH Militia warned, "It should be known that every person and institution acting together with fascism is hostile to our people and we will ask for it."

HBDH Militia undertook many actions in recent months. HBDH Militia, which took over the fire that broke out in the Yed-i Emin warehouse, where there were hundreds of vehicles in Bursa on September 15, drew attention to the fact that most of the vehicles in the warehouse were installed in intelligence and other state institutions.

HBDH Militia also undertook the sabotage of a cargo ship in Hatay on September 9, the fires in a polyester factory in Pendik, Istanbul and a mattress factory in Sultanbeyli on September 6, and the burning of a luxury yacht in Marmaris, Muğla on September 1. .