The fortress of resistance of the struggle against fascism, the symbol of the revolutionary will and human dignity, the dungeons have played important historical roles in our revolutionary struggle in Turkey and Kurdistan. Prisons, which were always within the reach of attacks to liquidate revolutionism, organization and political stance, have been turned into a school of struggle, a field of struggle, with the organized and warlike stance of revolutionary prisoners. Many children of the peoples of Turkey and Kurdistan took part in a series of positions from resistance to torture, hunger strikes, death fast resistances, barricade wars to various kinds of political actions, and became veterans and martyrs for this cause. Revolutionary and political prisoners, who left an honorable historical legacy to our peoples, have succeeded in representing the most beautiful virtue of being a person of cause.

In this respect, September 26, 1999 is an important day in the bloody history of our united revolution in Turkey and Kurdistan. We have not forgotten the 10 revolutionary prisoners who were murdered by the fascist state's police, guards and special forces in Ankara Ulucanlar Prison, and we will not let them be forgotten. We will hold the law enforcement officers of the fascist state and the officials of that period accountable, who killed our comrades by spraying foam in their ventilation, throwing gas bombs in their kitchens, scanning them with weapons, and martyring those they could not kill by beating them with planks, kicks and butts, and we will not hesitate for once while making them pay the heaviest price. Ulucanlar, notorious fascists such as Ali Suat Ertosun, who was the General Director of Prisons and Detention Houses during the 19 December and some dungeon massacres, was brought to the High Council of Judges and Prosecutors during the AKP rule, and was awarded with the state special medal, and the bourgeois Turkish state, which represents their political and economic interests, is the cause of the anger of our peoples. and it will be the addressee of the demand for justice, and it will definitely be liquidated by the power of revolutionary action.

Again, we commemorate our 24 comrades, who went down in history as the Amed dungeon massacre on September 96, 10 and lost their lives in this massacre, on the occasion of their martyrdom anniversary. We promise once again that we will keep their resistance against fascism alive in all areas of the struggle. We know as the hands of the fascist dictatorship, AKP and MHP government, fascist Erdoğan and Bahçeli, the hands of our comrades who were killed with heavy torture in the attack they suffered with batons, iron, spiked sticks and planks. We see organizing a destructive force that will destroy the owners of this blood and exploitation order and shatter the capitalist system as our main reason for existence. We consider it our only duty to hold accountable for the oppression of our peoples and their honorable sons.

It is very important that sick prisoners are not treated today, that Kurdish People's Leader Abdullah Öcalan and all segments of the society put up a strong struggle against the fascist state, which is the implementer of the isolation, oppression and torture policies applied on those who were imprisoned in the cause of revolution and socialism, and that the street movement grows. The dungeons, which are one of the most basic resistance fronts against fascism and colonialism, should be supported by different resistance fronts with an active stance and a sense of comradeship. All institutions, organizations and individuals that implement these policies of the fascist state will continue to be the targets of our militia and guerrilla forces.

We bow respectfully in front of those who were immortalized in the dungeon resistance of Amed and Ulucanlar, we promise to stick to their memories and to crown our united revolution in Turkey and Kurdistan with victory.

We Will Destroy Fascism, We Will Win Freedom, Forward, further!