HBDH YK: “Ulaş Adalı, One of the Pioneers of Our United Revolutionary Movement, is Immortal!”

One of the Pioneers of our United Revolutionary Movement, Ulaş Adalı is Immortal!

Comrade Ulaş Adalı, founder and commander of our united revolution movement, founding delegate of DKP/BÖG and member of the Central Committee, became immortal 4 years ago. Comrade Ulaş lived relentlessly, like an adventurer, and knitted his life in the pursuit of revolutionary ideals. From high school to university campuses, from streets to barricades, from worker strikes to boycotts, from resistance squares to free areas-mountains, he built his revolutionism with an uninterrupted struggle.

He fought against whatever was holding back the struggle against status quo, power and liquidationism; rejected insufficient and incomplete revolutionism. His fight with himself has always thrown him forward; He won the great war against his ego and always acted in line with the needs of the revolution. On the basis of the revolutionary break, the Communard leapt forward, both intellectually and practically, to create a new revolutionary construction and founding. He carried his struggle from the Gezi barricades to the Kobane war in order to realize his revolutionary ideals and claims, and devoted himself to the fight as a whole. He created his revolutionism in the ring of fire. Comrade Ulaş Adalı had a simple, selfless, modest and laboring stance in his life, and he was the organizer of this stance in his comrades. It is positioned in the struggle for revolution in a disinterested and uncalculated way. As a militant and pioneer who devoted his life to the revolution, he knew how to be an indomitable warrior and commander on the battle fronts and in the line of fire.

In order to strangle and destroy the Rojava revolution, the fascist Turkish state and ISIS launched an invasion attack on Kobane, and Erdogan said, "Kobane has fallen, it will fall." When he said that, Comrade Ulaş turned his face to Kobane. He took part in the war by grasping the revolutionary spirit of the time, saying, "Now, history gives the revolutionaries a task, I have to take part in this historical struggle for the salvation of humanity and join the war." The Rojava revolution had become the hope of this geography and the world with its blood and soul. The battle of Kobane was also the heart of this revolution. Just for this, he ran to Kobane and took part in the middle of the war, knowing that some moments can never be repeated. The intertwining of the revolution in Turkey and Kurdistan and the common destiny, internationalist revolutionism brought him to the defense of Kobane.

Comrade Ulaş Adalı took an active part in the establishment of HBDH in order to form an alliance between the Kurdish people and the working class and laborers of Turkey and to build a strong revolutionary front against fascism. made an effort. He took duties and responsibilities in the political, organizational and military works of HBDH, which he saw as strategic in the marching arm of the revolution, and led at the level of the command. It has adopted mobilizing against the total attack of fascism, developing struggle and resistance, and taking action. With his life and stance, he has been the pioneer and guide of our united revolution slogan. Today, we follow in the footsteps of Ulaş Adalı and other immortalized comrades who pioneered our united revolution, and we embrace their goals, ideals and claims much more strongly.

AKP-MHP fascism is in crisis today as an economic, political and social whole. Its collapse and decay have come to the fore. We are faced with the responsibility of building the line of struggle that will accelerate this collapse process and destroy it. The anger of hunger and poverty is accumulating among the working and laboring classes and the urban poor. The blade is against the bone. This anger seeks its way through actions and resistances. Women and oppressed sexual identities are flying the flag of the freedom struggle against capitalism, male domination, heterosexism, femicide; they load on the barricades and continue to crack the walls of fascism. Youth stand against fascism with a united march of struggle against lack of future and freedom, trustees, rectors and injustice. It continues to seize schools, streets, squares and living spaces with the united revolutionary will and tear down the walls of fear in order to hold accountable for the Suruç massacre. Under the leadership of the Kurdish Freedom Movement, the Kurdish people are increasing their resistance, struggle, and freedom march against the political-military-economic occupation, looting and attack policies of the fascist state in every inch of Kurdistan. Resistances are spreading all over the country against the massacre of nature, which is the other face of capitalist barbarism. Today, standing against fascism, objecting, making a sound; The task of grasping and encompassing all the centers of resistance that reject it, and mobilizing these foci within the united revolutionary struggle is before us in its most burning form.

With the perspective of destroying fascism and gaining our freedom, we will unleash revolutionary mass violence with our pioneering initiatives that will organize all social opposition dynamics, and hold the fascist government to account. Comrade Ulaş Adalı said in an interview; “The French Revolution has a famous slogan, 'They look big on you because you kneel. Stand up!" that… Yes, indeed, the time is now, for those who stand upright and not kneel!” says. Yes, now is the time for those who stand upright and do not kneel! With this consciousness, spirit, courage and action, we will march against the enemy as ULAŞ with the aim of creating the time for the revolution!

While commemorating the struggle of Comrade Ulaş Adalı and all our immortals with respect, we put our united revolutionary struggle on "FORWARD… FURTHER!" We repeat the promise that we will grow with the motto and achieve victory.

Ulaş Adalı is Immortal!

Long Live Our Unified Revolutionary Struggle!

HBDH Executive Committee