HBDH YK: “From Maraş to Roboski… We Will Ask Accountability for Massacres!”

From Maraş to Roboski… We Will Ask Accountability for Massacres!

The fascist Turkish state, whose history is full of massacres, has always resorted to massacres and genocides in order to suppress the rising popular movements. The Maraş and Roboski massacres are the most obvious examples of the crimes committed by the Turkish state against the rising resistance. The massacre of our Kurdish and Alevi people, which they see as a threat to itself, is a product of the genocidal policy that the TR took over from history and has carried to this day.

43 years ago in Maraş, it deepened the national and sectarian contradictions and massacred the Alevi and Kurdish people with the fascist gangs it organized, without separating their children. In this massacre, "Obey, destroy when not!" As a result of his policy, 120 people were killed and hundreds injured. The essence of the issue is not Sunni-Alevi or Kurdish-Turkish conflict. At the core of the issue is the fact that fascist mobs organized and attacked our Kurdish and Alevi people as a result of the provocations of the Turkish state, and that a part of our people was used as a tool for these attacks. It is precisely for this reason that the Turkish state, which is the real enemy of the people, has been able to present itself as the "savior". However, our people are aware of the truth and have made it known that the Maraş Massacre was organized by the state itself. This massacre has left a deep scar in the memory of our people.

In the face of the rising popular movements, the Turkish state is basically in a state of helplessness. One of the massacres that have been perpetrated against the Kurdish nation, whose national identity and culture is denied and subjected to oppression and destruction, took place in Roboski, and 34 Kurds were killed by air bombardment. This attack order was given by RT Erdogan himself.

In the reality of Kurdistan, which has been divided into 100 parts for more than 4 years, the Kurdish people have been making cross-border crossings just to make a living, and the state has been taking bribes from these "unauthorized" crossings. However, the policy of the period was “destroy!” Erdogan himself gave the order for this massacre. Again, history has changed, but the spirit of the fascist Turkish state inherited from the Ottoman Empire has not changed.

Today, the process is evolving from periodic genocides to daily extermination policies. The policy of obedience, suppression and destruction is today in the mountains, in the streets, in the prisons, in the production areas; In short, it continues to die in every field where the pulse of the revolution beats. Today, as in the past, our Kurdish and Alevi people are faced with threats of forced assimilation, oppression and massacre.

But today we have more reasons to struggle than yesterday. The ground for rebellion of our exploited people, whose identity, language, culture and belief is denied, exploited workers and women who were massacred is getting stronger. The Turkish state and its mercenaries will not be able to stop this revolt. The process, which gradually evolves into greater objections and opposition, will certainly prepare the end of the Turkish state. In this sense, massacres similar to the Maraş and Roboski massacres were neither the first nor the last. The fascist Turkish state has not/will not fail to resort to new massacres as resistances and awakenings take place.

As HBDH, we deeply share the pain of our people who were subjected to massacres in Maraş and Roboski. HBDH will put an end to fascism that will lead the growing revolt of the people. This ground is getting stronger.

Believe this, because TC continues to be shaken by deep economic crises that it cannot and cannot overcome.

Believe it, because our people's tradition of rebellion is capable of it, and our practice bears witness to it.

Believe this, because neither our Alevi people have given up their faith nor our Kurdish people, on the contrary, they continue to resist and struggle.

Believe it, because we are advancing by improving our united struggle, adding hope to our hope.

Believe it, because our living spaces have already been turned into action spaces. Fermented resistances and developing rebellions in all areas of life continue to flow towards our slogan of united struggle.

The wounds of our people will be healed more with our revolutionary moves. 'Forward, further!' We continue to shake the strongholds of fascism with our move.

We will definitely hold the account of the Maraş and Roboski massacres!

Forward!.. Further forward!

Long live our United Revolutionary Struggle!