HBDH YK: “Happy Rojava Revolution to All Peoples of the World”

Happy Rojava Revolution to All Peoples of the World

Congratulations to the peoples of Kurdistan, the Middle East and all the world, the populist, egalitarian, women's libertarian social life built in Rojava, which has entered its 10th year. We commemorate with great love, devotion and gratitude our immortals who blended the fire of the revolution, fought shoulder to shoulder against the fascist ISIS, Al-Nusra gangs and the invading Turkish state on the fronts, took part in the Rojava struggle for honor and freedom, and shed their blood together against fascism.

Congratulations to our wounded veterans, who took part in the struggle to defend every inch of their land against the occupation of Rojava and carry their wounds as a badge of honor.

The populist, gender egalitarian and libertarian social life, which started 9 years ago in the lands of Rojava Kurdistan under the leadership of the Kurdish people, spread to Northern and Eastern Syria with the adoption of the Assyrian, Assyrian, Arab and Turkmen peoples. While the revolutionary fire lit in Kobanê became hope for the peoples of the world in a short time, the region became the fear of reactionary, fascist and capitalist states. The egalitarian, libertarian, new life model that was sown in Rojava, 'the age of revolutions is over', showed that another world is possible against its ideological aggression. The new social life model built under the leadership of women showed that a gender libertarian social life is possible by destroying the male-dominated, patriarchal and sexist mentality on which the BASS regime is based. With this aspect, he broke the wheel of capitalist, patriarchal systems.

The fire of revolution lit under the leadership of the Kurdish people in Rojava continues under the shadow of the brotherhood of the peoples, with the struggle of the Arab, Assyrian, Assyrian, Turkmen and Chechen peoples shoulder to shoulder. The democratic, libertarian life model continues to exist in communes, assemblies, and the self-government model, and as a form of self-government by the people.

The egalitarian and libertarian gains of the peoples continue to be enlarged with a life-threatening resistance.

Our lands are under occupation by the fascist, reactionary forces organized, protected and fed by the invading fascist Turkish bourgeois state in order to destroy the hope of the peoples of the world. While demonstrating their hostility to the peoples with assimilationist policies in occupied Afrin, Serê Kaniyê and Girê Spî, massacres continue with fascist gang methods. Sexist attacks against women, rape and misogyny are showing more and more every day. Rojava is surrounded on all sides by the reactionary and fascist regional states. By closing all the border gates, they are implementing the imperialist policy of making them economically dependent on the capitalists, even for the needs of human life. Despite the political, economic and military siege, embargo and invasion attacks, the social life established in Rojava continues to be protected and enlarged at great cost.

The capitalist and imperialist bourgeoisie are united as one in the face of the populist, liberal, egalitarian life built in Rojava, developed and enlarged at great cost. Disbanding this reactionary, counter-revolutionary alliance will only be possible by expanding the common struggle on the basis of the needs of the united revolution. The oppressed peoples of the world, especially the peoples of Kurdistan and the Middle East, to practice the word "solidarity is the kindness of the peoples" is a need of the united revolution, and the expectation of our immortals from us.

Rojava is the beacon of our united revolution in Turkey and Kurdistan. Denial and annihilation of the Kurdish nation is a very important blow to the fascist Turkish bourgeois state's policy of occupation, counter-revolutionary and anti-people character. Protecting and keeping Rojava alive means lighting the path of victory for our united revolution in Turkey and Kurdistan, and organizing the final fatal blow to the fascist Turkish bourgeois state. We will be ready in the face of any attack against this revolutionary position of Kurdistan in Rojava, which is the symbol of the struggle against fascism and the flag of freedom and dignity, and we will respond with the resistance of our peoples, with our militia and guerrilla forces. Uniting against the occupation and destroying fascism is one of our main duties.

We call on our peoples, women and youth in Turkey and Kurdistan, on this basis.

We enthusiastically greet our revolution in Rojava, which was announced on July 19, 2012 and celebrated its 9th anniversary, and we reiterate our promise to comrade Rojava to shoulder, to stand as a bulwark, to hold accountable for the suffering and martyrdom of the peoples of Northern and Eastern Syria.

We will destroy fascism in Turkey and Kurdistan, we will win freedom!

Forward, Further!