HBDH YK: It's Time for New 15-16 Junes! It's Time to Win! 

It's Time for New 15-16 Junes! It's Time to Win!

In the history of the struggle of the working class, the peoples and the oppressed, every single day of June is a month that has witnessed great uprisings. The heat of the class struggle and the struggle of the peoples against the rulers developed the 1970-15 June Workers' Resistance in 16 and created the Gezi Resistance in our recent history. In this respect, the active participation of the working class in the uprisings has committed its leading role to the class consciousness and as the history progresses, that consciousness has been revealed through its action. For this reason, each uprising is an expression that the new 15-16 Junes will be more organized.

On 1970 June 10, the CHP and EP government submitted a proposal to amend the labor law numbered 274. This law was the first step of the process that would restrict the freedom of workers to choose unions and that would lead to the closure of DİSK in the following processes. The law was requested to be put into effect with the approval of Cevdet Sunay on 11 June. Essentially, this law therefore aimed to enlarge yellow unionism while targeting vested workers' rights on the one hand. Organizing counter forces within the working class through yellow unionism, TC, in this respect, wanted to prevent the developing organization of the '68 generation. Law No. 274 became a special war law in this respect. Hundreds of thousands of workers and workers took to the streets against this law, and the protests that started on 15 June reached their peak on 16 June. This exploitation law was withdrawn by literally demolishing the military and police barricades. The great power and will of the working class from production smuggled the bosses out of Istanbul with their private vehicles, and imprisoned the bosses who could not escape, in the working class factories. For two days, life in Istanbul was stopped. Although the law was withdrawn in the Parliament, the most general result of the suppression of the Great Workers' Resistance by the bourgeoisie after two days was that the resistance could not be moved to other big cities and the revolutionary force actions remained at a low level. For this reason, the 15-16 June Resistance necessitates the necessity of organizing the working class in the ranks of the united revolution movement, both in order to organize new uprisings and to prepare for new uprisings.

The 15-16 June Workers' Resistance has historically guided just such a period. The AKP-MHP fascist government continues its attacks on all segments of society. Increasingly, the usurpation of rights, worsening living conditions for laborers and workers, makes itself felt by harassment, rape and massacre attacks. While the society is trying to be disciplined with hunger and poverty, all existing organizations are tried to be dispersed and taken under pressure.

The ruling class of Turkey has come to this day with its most internalized form of fascism and integrated with capitalism in every aspect. This state of internalization became AKP-MHP fascism in its most concrete form. Unemployment and hunger reached its peak in the ranks of the workers who were already insecure and unorganized as a result of increasing crises and price hikes in basic food products.

The AKP-MHP fascist government continues the tradition of usurping the rights won by resistance at every opportunity, as it inherited from Turkish colonialist fascism. Bag laws and decrees are the biggest indicators of this. Young people who graduated from universities were either unable to find a job or were forced to work in this crisis environment with very low wages due to the AKP-MHP staffing.

Worker murders also reached their peak, massacres against the class accelerated as much as possible. 301 workers were killed in the Soma Mine Massacre. The state, on the other hand, protected and watched over the company officials who were responsible for the massacre. Or, in general, 30.000 workers were killed during the AKP years, but the bosses were rewarded each time.

There are strikes and resistances on the labor front. There are protests against the Soma Massacre, miners' marches, and resistance from teachers who could not be appointed. Resistance is developing everywhere, from the textile field to construction workers. The anxiety of the future of all segments of society, from young people to women, manifests itself every day. The system mostly bills the society for the crisis it has experienced within itself. The weak and disorganized existing organizations cause the anger in the society to blame itself and to feel inadequate. The system, with all its bourgeois parties and institutions, tries to individualize and divide the society in order to sustain itself under these conditions. He presents his own internal contradictions as if they were the internal contradictions of the individual. It confines the resistances to the bourgeois-liberal borders.

No party or union that has become a regular can be a solution to any of the problems of workers, laborers, women and young people, and the capitalist system does whatever it takes. We must act for our own future and freedom. No system of AKP-MHP fascism benefits the people. It is obvious that the system of exploitation and occupation of fascism, which is going through a period of collapse, is on the verge of collapse. We are preparing more and more for the power that will accelerate this collapse and win the victory. We must unite on the axis of a united revolution in the streets, in the cities, in the mountains. The way the 15-16 June Resistance shows us is that all fascist collaborative laws will be overcome with a united struggle in the street, in the resistance.

On this basis, we respectfully commemorate the workers who became immortal in the 15-16 June Resistance, in which hundreds of thousands of workers participated. 

It's time for the new 15-16 Junes! It's time to win!