TKP-ML's 50th Anniversary Message from KBDH

The 71 Movement symbolizes a revolutionary break in the history of the Turkish left.

The essence of the 1971 Movement in Turkey is to challenge the outdated, established order and habits, including the traditional left understanding and policy style.

It is hesitant to cut ties with what has to be overcome. For the establishment of a new world, a revolutionary who did not even care about death paved the way with courage and determination.

When the '71 Revolutionary Movement is mentioned, three great pillars and three immortal names come to mind first: İbo, Deniz and Mahir.

Like Deniz and Mahir, İbrahim Kaypakkaya is the symbol of audacity and breakthrough that is not a prisoner of established patterns. It does not merely express a break with the traditional or the corrupt. It is also a pioneer and pioneer in the effort to create a new replacement. While he was in the revolutionary youth movement, he was intertwined with the workers and laboring masses, even under the conditions sought by the March 12 fascism. A revolutionism that is disconnected from the masses and distant from them is foreign to Kaypakkaya. An understated determination manifests itself in every step of the way he walks.

Like all the immortals of the '71 movement, Kaypakkaya is the symbol of insistence on revolution, persistence in being revolutionary. In addition to this common feature, the unity of revolution in Kaypakkaya draws attention. It is in a revolutionary relationship with theory as well as practice. The fact that he has fit a 24-page theoretical production into his intense practice of the last few years of his 500-year life proves this.

The struggle for the liberation of labor and oppressed peoples does not proceed according to the calendar or according to the seasons. It is an uninterrupted struggle that will continue until the emancipation of humanity. But there are such sections in the history of the struggle of the working class and the oppressed that some basic values ​​almost come to life in that section, overlap and evolve from one to the other. March and May have such a special meaning in the geography of Kurdistan and Turkey. In both these months, we, the revolutionaries from Kurdistan and Turkey, feel the pain of Halabja, Kızıldere, May 8, Igbo, Haki, 6's, Nurhaks, as well as the enthusiasm of two great days such as 4 March and Newroz. we share.

This entanglement, this history reminds us of two things in particular:

As the revolutionary, patriotic and communist sons of both peoples, our need for each other, the partnership of our fight, the necessity of fighting back to back, shoulder to shoulder. Our blood mixed with each other in Kobane is the seal of this obligation of comradeship.

Especially in March and May, the multiplicity of our successive and overlapping sufferings reminds us of the greatness of the revolutionary duties and responsibilities we have to fulfill, secondly. It shows the multitude of calculations we have to ask from our class enemies, the Turkish bourgeoisie and colonialism.

Our comrades, whom we bid farewell to immortality in these months, set an example before us and guide us with their persistent attitude in the revolution, not only against the enemy, but also with the courage and agility they show in the fight against outdated understandings and habits.

KBDH, where the Kurdish freedom movement and Turkish revolutionary parties and organizations from different traditions come together, takes these comrades as their guide. It represents the spirit of insistence on revolution embodied in them, the assertion of insistence on revolutionism, the insistence on carrying the consciousness of insistence on comradeship to the day.

IN THIS PROCESS WHERE OPERATIONS INTENDED FOR THE LIQUIDATION OF EVERYONE BUT PARTICULARLY WOMEN, especially the Kurdish Freedom Movement, and especially the Kurdish Freedom Movement, we salute Comrade Kaypakkaya and all our immortals in our Party, with the AWARENESS OF OUR MISSIONS.