MKP European Committee: Dear Friends and Comrades,

Dear Friends, Comrades,

We are on the 49th anniversary of the murder of our leader İbrahim Kaypakkaya, who devoted his political power consciousness, courage and determination to the cause of revolution, socialism and supreme communism for the sake of the liberation cause of the oppressed, by the fascist dictatorship in Diyarbakır dungeons. We are on the 50th anniversary of the establishment of our Party, which finds meaning in the communist line of the communist leader Kaypakkaya, synthesized with theory, ideology, scientific dialectical materialist method and proletarian class perspective, and which took part in the Turkish Northern Kurdistan branch of the international proletariat.

The '72 April Line, which is the manifesto of the oppressed to rise to their feet by meeting with their revolutionary history and defying all understandings, official ideology, and the MLM route by meeting with the bourgeoisie, and the murder of our Communist Leader, its creator, represent two historically important events. With our revolutionary feelings, we greet your event with the slogan "WE ARE GROWING HOPE WITH THE PARTY" in order to commemorate and keep alive this representation, which is the historical-defining flag of our revolution and socialism march.


Our revolutionary history is not just an area to be remembered statically, it is the dynamic force of our struggle for our utopia to create a free world. Due to this dynamic role of my history, with its ideological-political-organizational line, our Communist Leader Kaypakkaya is the light and manifesto of liberating the future of humanity, not the past. MLM essence crystallized in the line of Kaypakkaya is the declaration of the continuation of the struggle of the oppressed to their feet, on a correct scientific basis. This statement is a great experience, courage, revolutionary force and persistence in the most difficult conditions in the revolutionary struggle of Turkey-North Kurdistan today.

Understanding the historical emergence of '72, the red banner of Kaypakkaya and his ideas, in performing the tasks of the class struggle in every historical section, is the rule of the dialectical method, which is the essence of Marxism. It is necessary for the live-dynamic role of MLM to synthesize all the developments in the field of revolution by reading historical progress scientifically, to create the right paradigms for the coup d'etat of the revolution in the perspective of the communist line. The fact that the Kaypakkaya line is the leading way of the proletarian world revolution in our geography, and the determination-courage and will to win communism in our geography, can only be represented by a scientific approach.

Our world today is faced with the extensive attacks of imperialist barbarism towards the destruction of man and nature. While imperialist economic and hegemony crises continue with war-occupation and annexation, exploitation and oppression have surrounded the entire right of life of the oppressed. This is what the polarized imperialist bloc reality tells with regional wars, occupations, racist policies, exploitation and oppression.

The policy of denial and annihilation by the fascist AKP-MHP bloc, which is the monist-racist dominion of the Turkish ruling system, against the Kurdish nation with invasions and attacks, the destruction and plunder imposed by open fascism conditions against the oppressed exploited class and strata of the people, is on the stage as the most reactionary savagery of the imperialist capitalist world.

But tyranny is in crisis economically and politically, the system cannot sustain itself. The process reveals important dynamics to the revolutionary and communist movement against the developing social anger. This also points to our duties. In other words, every region is faced with the task of combining communist and revolutionary movements, the rising demands of the masses with the revolutionary struggle, uniting with the masses and establishing qualified unions from the strategic institutions of the revolution, suitable for the field of tactical politics. In the current sense, this is an irrevocable task. Every difference of opinion and organizational problem can become the ground not of separation, but of strong unity with the right ideological struggle. The communist line, the subjectivation of the masses and the perspective of political power are the main pillars on which we will rise on the strategy of armed revolution, and the '72 manifesto is its red flag...

Communist Leader İbrahim Kaypakkaya is Immortal!

Our Immortals of the Party and Revolution are our Flags of Struggle!

Glory to the '50 Manifesto on its 72th Anniversary, Glory to the “Red Flag Raised Before Everyone's Eyes!”

Down with Imperialism, Capitalism and All Kinds of Reaction!

End Imperialist War, Occupation and Annexation!

Down with the National Oppression, Occupation and Annexation of the Kurdish Nation!

Long live Proletarian Internationalism!

Long live the Socialist People's War!