Martyr Nubar Ozanyan Brigade: Nubar Ozanyan is Immortal!

Nubar Ozanyan is Immortal!

Today we commemorate our comrade Nubar Ozanyan, who died 5 years ago. After 5 years, the revolution is still going on, but a lot has changed. Sere Kaniye, this city he knows very well, where many people met him and his value, is today under the occupation of the Fascist Turkish State like Afrin and Gire Spi. Thanks to the comradely relationship he established with the Sere Kaniye Armenians, we became a basis for establishing our own self-defense forces. His martyrdom was an enlightenment for us Armenians about the necessity of organizing and defending ourselves. We rejected the victim position and the assimilation policy of the Turkish State. Here, we started to organize the children of the Genocide with the possibilities of the revolution. We fought for unity between Christian Armenians and assimilated Muslim Armenians. In Rojava and Syria, we fought to defend our land and our right to peacefully secede. We fought not only to be a passive component of this revolution, but also to be an active part like our Kurdish, Arab, Assyrian and Assyrian comrades and for equality between the sexes.

It is an honor for us to walk in his path, to fight under a flag bearing his name. Because Nubar Ozanyan's struggle was a rebellion against the Turkish State. He was the thing that Turkish fascism hated the most: he was Armenian and Communist, and with this identity he fought against oppression in an internationalist way in Karabakh, Palestine, Turkey and our lands where he was martyred, Rojava.

Today, Turkish Fascism continues to threaten our lands with a new invasion with the support of imperialist states, and it prevents any kind of stability in the region by bombing all front lines and even cities that are not on the front line, without distinction between civil and combatants, and it is clear and known that all of this happened with the agreement of NATO and Russia. As Martyr Nubar Ozanyan Brigade Warriors, we declare that we will never leave the path Nubar Ozanyan showed us, the path of Revolution, the path of resistance, the path of struggle against fascism and capitalism. We reaffirm that we will continue its struggle, without any doubt, that we will continue to improve ourselves, to develop the revolution, no matter what obstacles the enemies may put before us. Because this is what Nubar Ozanyan wants to see and what the Turkish State does not want to see: Organized Armenian men and women are armed and fighting for their freedom, equality and justice. Therefore, we can openly say that we will oppose any aggression and occupation against the people and the revolution in North East Syria!

Martyr Comrade Nubar Ozanyan is immortal!

Martyr Nubar Ozanyan Brigade


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