TKP-ML OPK: Celebrating the PKK's 43rd Year of Resistance!

We Celebrate PKK's 43rd Year of Resistance!

We salute the 43rd founding year of Partiya Karkêran Kurdistan-PKK (Kurdistan Workers' Party) with our sincere revolutionary feelings and wish them continued success in the struggle developed and the gains achieved.

The PKK is undoubtedly the most advanced position in the Kurdish National Freedom Struggle. It has shown once again that all the values ​​and gains created in this field are the result of the armed struggle and the guerrilla struggle. He rewrote the five thousand-year-old Kurdish history throughout the 43-year history of struggle, carving the free Kurdish identity into the mountains of Kurdistan. The reality of a Kurdish nation divided into four parts and the right to secede freely were usurped by fascist reactionary and collaborative states, and in conditions where national persecution was experienced, the PKK successfully continued the struggle for the Kurdish nation's right to secede freely and for national democratic demands, and achieved gains in many areas in the current period.

The basis of the Rojava Revolution gains created in Western Kurdistan today lies in 43 years of determined and organized struggle.

With the Rojava Revolution, Kurdish women liberated in the mountains of Kurdistan gave color to this revolution and showed the future of women in the Middle East to the peoples of the region. The most important achievement of the PKK's 43-year struggle is that Kurdish women have taken their own freedom. This is also an important threshold for the revolutionary struggle in the region.

In the era of imperialism and proletarian revolutions, the national-democratic demands of the Kurdish nation have not been fully met despite all the gains and values ​​the PKK has created in the Middle East. In particular, the attempts of the Turkish fascist state to destroy the Kurdish nation are again met by the enormous resistance of the guerrilla. The attacks against Rojava are being met by the resistance forces of the peoples of North-East Syria from various nationalities and peoples, especially the Kurds. The Kurdish National Freedom Movement means a revolutionary resistance front for the Kurdish nation.

Despite the collaborative and treacherous policy of the Iraqi Kurdistan Regional Government led by the KDP, the Kurdish people throughout Kurdistan use their election mainly in favor of the revolutionary resistance, the PKK. In this sense, the guerrilla struggle has taken a deep place in the hearts of the Kurdish people. It is defeating the invading Turkish forces in many parts of Medya Defense Areas such as Garê, Avaşîn, Behdinan, Heftenîn, Zap, Werxelê. Despite the chemical weapons of the Turkish Republic, the guerrilla's struggle cannot be broken, on the contrary, it inflicts heavy blows on the fascist Turkish army. Again, the Kurdish National Freedom Struggle could not be stopped despite the 22 years of isolation and torture that the TR has imposed on PKK leader Abdullah Öcalan. Despite the pressures, arrests and tortures against all the democratic organizations of the Kurdish nation, the outcry of the Kurdish people in the streets could not recede.

The Kurdish National Freedom Struggle has also become an important part of the revolutionary struggle in Turkey. The PKK occupies an important place in the formation and development of the united struggle against fascism, HBDH. Today, the hope of salvation of all the oppressed segments who are persecuted under the fascism of the Turkish Republic lies in the united struggle.

It is no secret that the imperialists and the fascist TC, which is the most notorious collaborator in the region, will exhibit practices that will once again shed blood in the region. In this sense, we salute the PKK's 44-year national liberation struggle, believing that all revolutionary-democratic and patriotic segments, especially the Kurdish National Freedom Struggle, will expand the united struggle.

  • Long Live the Right of the Kurdish Nation to Separate Freely!
  • We will destroy the Turkish Republic's fascism and establish the Democratic People's Power!
  • Long Live Our United Struggle! Long live HBDH!
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26 NOVEMBER 2021