TKP-ML Middle East Party Committee: Happy 50th Anniversary of Our Party!

Happy 50th Anniversary of Our Party!

To our martyr families and comrades,

To our working class, the vanguard of the revolution,

To the freedom guerrillas and the Kurdish nation who created great epics against fascism,

To the Armenian, Assyrian, Assyrian and Chaldean peoples who fought for existence despite the Genocide,

To our people whose faith is forbidden and imprisoned,

To all the political prisoners resisting in the dungeons,

All women who resist and fight against patriarchy,

To the youth of the people, who are the sparks of the revolutionary fire against imperialism and fascism,

To the TİKKO fighters and militants fighting under the leadership of our party,

We call out to our supporters, who strengthen our party with their great efforts… Glory to our Party's 50th Anniversary!

The hope of all the oppressed in Turkey, the name and guarantee of the revolution, we celebrate the 50th anniversary of our party TKP-ML with great enthusiasm. The longer our Party exists, the stronger our belief that the struggle for the liberation of humanity will result in victory.

As our party enters its 50th year, there is hope not only for the people of Turkey, but also for all the oppressed peoples of the Middle East. The seed that İbrahim Kaypakkaya and his comrades planted 50 years ago is sprouting beyond borders today. The International remains the steel detachment of the proletariat.


Every area of ​​our geography is a battlefield. Imperialists are plundering our geography for their own interests; They are killing our people. The only interest of the oppressed peoples of the Middle East of various nationalities is the common struggle. The common struggle of the peoples against imperialism is our only salvation. TKP-ML is the only leading force that will ensure this. The 50-year history of our party bears witness to this. Despite all the blows, it has patiently carried the fire of revolution until today. Now is the time to take this further.

Today, we are witnessing the attacks of the fascist Turkish state against the Kurdish people and the guerrilla. At the same time, it has increased its attacks on Rojava and Shengal. However, the fascist state was defeated by the enormous resistance of the guerrilla. Despite the betrayal of Barzani and his family, the guerrilla is victorious. This resistance is also the legitimate war of the oppressed peoples. We salute the resistance of the guerrilla.

Today is the day for all oppressed peoples, workers, women and peasants to organize in the ranks of our party TKP-ML. The gains of the Kurdish, Arab, Armenian, Assyrian, Assyrian and Turkmen peoples in the Rojava Revolution should be spread all over the geography. For this reason, the destruction of the Turkish State, which has infested our geography, is essential. With the destruction of fascism and the construction of the People's Democratic Revolution in its place, the peoples of the Middle East will achieve the great peace they desire.

Long Live Our Party TKP-ML

Long live TIKO

Long live TMLGB

Long live KKB


We will win!

The peoples of the Middle East will win!


TKP-ML Middle East Party Committee