TKP-ML TMLGB MK: The Ideals of Our Immortals Light Our Way!

The Ideals of Our Immortals Light Our Way!

We are going through a period when millions oppressed all over the world say "enough is enough" to a handful of oppressors. In dozens of countries, the people declare that they do not want to be ruled in the past order with revolts. The release of the energy that has accumulated in the millions of oppressed people and turn into rebellion looks at a small drop. The individual anger against unemployment, poverty and injustice takes action by meeting in the squares and spreads to the masses as a tendency to become politicized.

A slogan chanted by the masses anywhere in the world, in any tone, can inspire the struggle of the oppressed in many parts of the world. The fact that the struggle of the oppressed is in such interaction without even establishing an organic relationship creates important opportunities for struggle.

The riots sprouted by the masses all over the world are giving us a series of messages. It is clear to us that it is the most urgent task to correctly read the messages of the masses on various occasions and to formulate policies that reflect these readings.

This task is primarily for our Party "who does what he says, who says he does“We think it is embodied by creating a political line. Our party has taken an important step in this context with the 1st Congress. This step is also one of the big steps taken on a long road. What we need today is to move our Party, with which we can proceed on this long road, to a better point every day compared to the previous day.

To be able to accomplish this task and our ultimate goals, we must have many qualities, of course. Courage in policy making and implementation, cadres with communist consciousness, Partyism establishing a tight bond with the mass, disciplined comrades in all work… All these and more are all parts of the revolutionary identity that we will always need. And the guides of the place where we can learn these and bring them to consciousness are the life experiences of our martyred comrades.

These experiences are the unique spiritual heritage that our martyred comrades left to our Party's own future and also to its younger generations.

On the occasion of the last week of January, we remember once again those who were immortalized in the fight; We want to underline that we, as young communists, concretize commemoration of them as learning and teaching to walk safely on this long road. May the ideals of our immortal revolutionary friends and comrades enlighten our path!

We Follow Those Who Are Immortalized for the Party and the Revolution!

Long live Proletarian Internationalism!

Long live Marxism Leninism Maoism!

Long Live Our Party TKP-ML, People's Army TIKKO, Women's Organization KKB, Youth Organization TMLGB!



January 24, 2020