Fascism and Zionism Will Lose, Palestine and Rojava Will Win!

Fascism and Zionism Will Lose,

Palestine and Rojava Will Win!

We are witnessing the resistance of the peoples of Rojava and Palestine, who are oppressed by the attacks of the fascist Turkish and Zionist Israeli states, the eternal enemies of the oppressed peoples of the Middle East. These reactionary forces, despite all their technological superiority and full support from the imperialist states, cannot break the resistance and determination to struggle of the Palestinian and Rojava peoples. Despite all the attacks of the rulers, it is the people’s own resistance and determination that is decisive. The peoples of Palestine and Kurdistan continue their honourable stance against Israeli Zionism, Turkish fascism, local mullah and reactionary dictator regimes for half a century without compromising.
The struggle carried out in Kurdistan evolved into a democratic gain stage with the Rojava revolution reality; A great blow was dealt to the ISIS reaction, the fascist and genocidal Turkish Republic’s expansionist moves in the Middle East. The rulers of the Turkish Republic, who could not tolerate these gains of the Rojava Revolution, continued their attacks in military, political, economic and, so to speak, in every field at certain time intervals. These attacks turned into a more comprehensive de facto attack in the military field after the Ankara action of the HPG guerrillas. Erdogan and his shureka, who became aggressive with the helplessness of being shot in his own heart, committed all kinds of war crimes from the mouth of the notorious fascist Hakan Fidan and announced that he would attack the gains of the Rojava people.
Since 5 October, hospitals, power plants, water stations, houses/villages of the civilian population, oil and gas stations, silos and many production areas in the Autonomous Administration area of Northern and Eastern Syria have been hit. Rojava continues to resist against these attacks. So far, 110 regions have been subjected to air strikes and the attacks are still continuing. With these attacks, the Turkish Republic aims to create economic damage and to wear down the Rojava revolutionary gains by provoking reactionary elements.
As in the Der Zor region, provoking reactionary elements has been a tactic that the Turkish Republic has not tired of trying for years. The AKP-MHP clique also uses war as a tool to cover the crisis it is in. However, these moves of the Turkish Republic did not find a response, and the impotence of the guerrilla increased with the blow to the centre of fascism. The latest attacks are an example of this.
Turkish fascism increases the dose of attacks and commits crime after crime. Against these attacks of the Turkish Republic, the Syrian Democratic Forces, the self-power of the Autonomous Administration, inflicted losses on the fascist Turkish army with counterattacks.
While Rojava’s resistance continued, the self-power of the Palestinian people, who continued their struggle against Israeli Zionism, launched a move towards the occupied territories with “Operation Aksa Flood”, inflicted heavy losses on the occupying Zionist Israeli forces and arrested many Israeli soldiers. With this operation, a great blow was dealt to the “glorious” Israeli army, which relies on its technological superiority. The Palestinian people, who have been resisting the oppression of the Zionist state of Israel since Naqba, have once again demonstrated their determination to struggle. The Palestinian national struggle is justified and extremely legitimate. Although the Palestinian national resistance, like every national movement, contains some reactionary aspects within itself, the main thing is the democratic side of the struggle of an oppressed people against the oppressor nation. It is a revolt against oppression, exploitation, massacres and humiliation.
The betrayals of the Arab states and the fascist Turkish state, such as the betrayal of Barzani from among the Kurdish people, could not extinguish the struggle of the Palestinian people. The greatest enemies of the oppressed and exploited Arab people are the servant sheikhs, emirs, dictators and kings who have settled at the head of the Arab states. Their “normalisation” steps with Zionism reflect their class character. However, the characteristic feature of the oppressed people is that they resist and when the day comes, they throw their own treacherous hordes into the dustbin of history.
The oppressed peoples of the Middle East are not exempt from this course of development of history. The centuries-long struggle will continue until Zionism, fascism and all collaborator dictatorships and mullah regimes and the imperialist-capitalist system are crushed in the Middle East. The resistance of the Palestinian and Rojava peoples continues to be an example for this struggle.
We call out to all oppressed peoples of the Middle East, communists, revolutionaries and patriots: Let us embrace the resistance rising in Rojava and Palestine! Let us develop solidarity with this resistance and raise the struggle against fascism and Zionism in every field where we are! The liberation struggle of the oppressed requires this.

Hail the Resistance of the Peoples of Rojava and Palestine!
Long Live the Resistance of the Peoples of Rojava and Palestine!
Down with Turkish Fascism and Israeli Zionism!
Turkish Fascism and Israeli Zionism will drown in the blood they shed!
Biji Berxwedana Gelan!
Long Live Free Palestine!

TKP-ML Middle East Party Committee
7 October 2023

Turkısh: https://www.tkpml.com/tkp-ml-opk-fasizm-ve-siyonizm-kaybedecek-filistin-ve-rojava-kazanacak/?swcfpc=1