The conflict environment that has been going on for a long time in the Middle East has been moved to a different phase with the death of 33 Turkish soldiers in Idlib on 27 February. The Turkish Minister of National Defence shared with the world public that as of March 1, they started a comprehensive occupation operation against Syria, which they called ‘Spring Shield’. With this invasion, the Turkish state, on one hand, aims to save the jihadist gangs the pawns of ‘Ottoman Dreams’ from the stuck in Idlib and to use them more effectively in the region, especially in Libya, on the other hand, to destroy the gains of the Kurds as a result of historical hostility against the Kurdish nation. The Middle East, which was designed at the expense of the blood and tears of the Arabic, Kurdish, Turkmen and regional peoples according to the interests of Britain in the First Imperialist war, has been wanted to be redesigned by the USA in the last 20 years. The invasion of Iraq, constant tension with Iran, and finally the invasion of Syria is the last step of this. The only thing that has not changed in the past hundred years is the Imperialist barbarism that says, ‘A drop of oil is more valuable than a drop of blood.’

The Turkish State has always been an invader and annexer throughout its history. Hatay, Cyprus, Kurdistan and finally Syria. Throughout this aggressive policy, not only the people of the region suffered from this occupation, workers in Turkey also suffered from hunger, poverty and pain of losing their children because of this unjust war they have faced. Peoples have no problem that they cannot solve with each other. We know very well that ‘nations that oppress other nations can never be free’.

The Turkish State became subcontractor of US in Syria and raged a war against Syria, which Russia supported explicitly. This is a proxy war. This war is unfair and illegitimate. Peoples have no interest in this war. All revolutionary, progressive, democrats must take action against Dictator Erdogan. Erdogan is not only threat to Turkey’s neighboring countries, but also a great threat to the entire world. He risked the death or displacement of millions of people to protect his power. Every step backward by European states on refugee blackmail encourages him even more. A week before the election, Merkel of Germany, who has visited Turkey offering its support to the dictator doesn’t have the luxury to refuse refugees entering Europe as a result of the war in Syria. You (German state and other imperialist powers) have armed the dictators who drenched the region in blood and supported the invasion. The hell of the Middle East is the consequences of your actions. The imperialists, who encourage and finance regional wars for the oil and arms markets, immorally use the refugee crises in their own domestic politics and carry the rightist-fascist parties to power. And the first action of these right parties is to attack the vested rights of the workers and laborers of their countries. The only task that stands before workers, laborers and oppressed nations today is to say NO TO WAR. US-Russia and Turkey must unconditionally leave from Syria and Kurdistan.

Imperialism and NATO is responsible for the refugee ‘crises’.

There have been human suffering with thousands of refugees trapped in the Turkey-Greece border in the last week. For the past week with thousands of refugees trapped in the Turkey-Greece border is experiencing a human tragedy. It is barbarism to use as the lives of people who have to take refuge in another country for their safety as a blackmail material. European and Turkish states, use violence against refugees on the border, ignoring all kinds of agreements in which they are signatories. All forms of violence against refugees that put their lives at risk shall be dropped immediately and refugees should be treated in accordance with their rights which are secured with international conventions.

As long as imperialism and it’s economy based on profits are not destroyed, everyone is in an immediate danger of becoming a refugee and losing verything they possess. Recent history shows many examples of this. Anatolia and the Balkans are refugee regions. The news of refugees who have already been killed by police bullets and drowned in push-backs has begun to be captured by the press. Before it is too late and this brutality turns into a mass murder, we need to create a united organized network of resistance and solidarity. It is the struggle of the workers-laborers and the oppressed nations together, which will remove the borders and bring peace to the peoples.

No To War-Invasion In Syria And Kurdistan!

End The Violence Against Refugees!