Communist Party of Turkey-Marxist Leninist CC: İbrahi̇m Kaypakkaya Is Our Unquenchable Torch!

Statement No: 2023/6

On his 50th Anniversary of Immortality


We are in the 50th year of Comrade İbrahim Kaypakkaya’s murder by the fascist Turkish state after months of torture in Amed Prison. Comrade Kaypakkaya had a small number of comrades and an old rifle with him when he set out by saying “Our aim and goal is to make all means of production the property of society” as he expressed to the face of his captors. He aimed to realise the People’s Democratic Revolution, socialism and communism in our geography.

His breakthrough was the realisation of communism in our geography after many years. After Mustafa Suphi, he clearly stated that the ideas that had been defended in the name of communism for half a century were in fact class collaborators and followed the policy of following this or that clique of the ruling classes. Comrade Kaypakkaya was not satisfied with this. He declared that the ground on which the fascist Turkish state rose was based on the basis of genocide, that the Turkish ruling classes realised their capital accumulation through the collapse of the wealth of minority nations and nationalities, and that Kemalism, the founding ideology of the state, was a fascist ideology in collaboration with imperialism.

While the Kurds are not even mentioned in our geography, he argued that they are a nation and that they have the right to secede freely, that is, to establish a separate state. He clearly stated that the Turkish state applies a fascist policy of persecution not only on the Kurdish nation but also on other minority nationalities and beliefs.

He argued that the Democratic People’s Revolution based on the worker-peasant alliance under the leadership of the working class in our geography is necessary and possible, that all kinds of miracles can be created as long as there are masses and parties, and that the people have three weapons. In the ’71 rupture, he formed the communist face of the revolutionary movement of our geography by turning towards the Great Proletarian Cultural Revolution. That is why his views and the line he defended were murdered by the state of the Turkish ruling classes by defining him as “the most dangerous of revolutionary communism”.

By murdering İbrahim Kaypakkaya, the Turkish state wanted to prevent Marxism Leninism Maoism from being a way of salvation for the working class and the people in our geography. It acted to protect their power established as a fascist class dictatorship over the working class and labouring people. However, although they physically eliminated İbrahim Kaypakkaya, his ideas were kept alive by the party he founded. In the half-century that passed after the murder of Comrade Kaypakkaya, wherever there was resistance and struggle in the class struggle in our geography, Kaypakkaya was kept alive there. In the revolutionary action of the masses, he lived / lives as slogans in languages, flags in hands, writings on walls, red bullets in enemy targets destroyed in rural and urban areas.

Comrade İbrahim Kaypakkaya was the pioneer and leader of creating a tradition that reached hundreds of immortals and thousands of veterans, tens of thousands of prisoners and hundreds of thousands of supporters in the time period following his murder. In the class struggle of our geography, he continued to be the communist leader of the working class and labouring people of Turkish and Kurdish nations, of various nationalities and beliefs.

The miracle that the theses he put forward as a young communist leader by taking part in the class struggle of our geography continue to guide today’s class struggle is hidden in his participation and organisation in the anti-imperialist struggle of the student youth, in the strikes and resistances of the working class, in the land occupations of the peasants and finally in the armed struggle as the only way of the liberation and power of the working class and the people.

Because while İbrahim Kaypakkaya put forward his ideas showing the working class and labouring people to take power and liberation, he fed on the practice of the class struggle in our geography. He persistently applied the principle of being a revolutionary in practice, of being wherever there is resistance and struggle. He skilfully synthesised the lessons he learned from all the struggles he took part in with the science of Marxism-Leninism-Maoism. For this reason, he stood out as a communist leader. And for this reason, even though he was physically destroyed, his ideas continued to live and fight in the practice of class struggle.

Ibrahim Kaypakkaya’s views in Turkey and Turkey Kurdistan, Rojava in our geography in the struggle of our people of various nationalities and beliefs; mountain tops, villages and cities, factories and poor neighbourhoods, schools, torture prisons, prisons as the key to liberation continued to lead the way, to lead.

Half a century after his murder, the state of the Turkish ruling classes, which he dared to destroy, is preparing for its second century. The century-old republic of exploitation, oppression and massacre is preparing for new class wars and struggles that will shake and destroy it from its foundations. With all its reactionary, rotten and rottenness, the Turkish state is reorganising itself again and again for more exploitation, oppression and massacre of the working class and the peoples of our geography.

The Turkish ruling classes are preparing against the mass movements and class struggles that will develop against them, while relying on the imperialists to maintain their power. They also want to grab the morsel in our throats and usurp the crumb of freedom. They aim for the continuation of their exploitation, looting and rent schemes, theft and corruption.

Under these conditions, the life and struggle practice of the revolutionary communist leader, Ibrahim Kaypakkaya, who took it upon himself to be wherever there is a rebellion and resistance, and to make all the actions and practices he participated in a part of the struggle for political power, continues to teach and guide those who seek the path of liberation.

Comrade İbrahim Kaypakkaya is alive and fighting. So long as the masses and his party exist, he will continue to live and fight.

إبرراهيم كايباكايا منارة دربنا التي نقتدي بها

Իպրահիմ գայպագայա մեր ճանապարհի փարոսն է որին մենք ընդօրինակում ենք!

İbrahim Kaypakkaya is a Torch Illuminating Our Path!

Communist Party of Turkey-Marxist Leninist (TKP-ML)

Central Committee

May 2023