ICOR: May Day 2021 – International Day of Struggle of the Working Class and the Oppressed Peoples of the World!

May Day 2021 – International Day of Struggle of the Working Class and the Oppressed Peoples of the World!

Let us develop the fighting spirit of the workers everywhere!

Let us strengthen worldwide the international anti-imperialist united front against fascism!

May Day is the day of the year that unequivocally belongs to the working class and the oppressed peoples of the world. The working class has the power, the interest and the strength to end capitalist exploitation of humanity and nature – if it is organized and convinced of the struggle for national liberation and socialism! The working class began its struggle 150 years ago with the Paris Commune, continued it with the socialist revolutions of the 20th century, and continues its struggle until victory.

On May 1, we celebrate our strength, reaffirm our resolve to fight in the face of reactionary pressures, by joining hands in the spirit of proletarian internationalism.

On May Day 2021, there is something special to celebrate: after almost two years of preparation, the International Anti-Imperialist and Anti-Fascist United Front and its Coordinating Consultative Committee of ten international organizations were founded by nearly 500 organizations on five continents.

On this year’s May Day, the international working class and oppressed masses are facing the devastating consequences of the world economic and financial crisis and the Covid-19 pandemic. Some countries are in the process of overcoming the pandemic. Many countries are still in the grip of a third wave and new increasingly dangerous mutants are emerging. Some imperialist countries are exploiting their ability to access vaccinations that are still beyond the reach of many of the world’s poor. Because of the pandemic, it has been necessary to temporarily renounce certain civil liberties, such as assemblies. But those in rule have used the pandemic as a pretext to test how far they can go in restricting democratic rights and freedoms of working people and in advancing police-state measures against them. Environmental destruction has continued undisturbed. The pandemic has exposed and exacerbated the class contradictions, exploitation and oppression by capitalism. Different levels of pandemic management have exposed the inequality between rich and poor countries. The health crisis does not bode well for the future. Countless people around the world face the loss of their jobs, poverty and existential insecurity. On the one hand, we see the fortunes of the big bosses and the shareholders of the big corporations increasing at a dizzying rate. On the other hand, they demand sacrifices from the workers. The workers give up part of their salary, their vacation. This is supposedly to save their jobs. Smaller self-employed people are being driven into ruin.

U.S. imperialism as the enemy of all peoples and the current main warmonger among the major imperialist powers has not disappeared with Trump. Biden is determined: “The U.S. is back!” he declares in a warning to the people of the world to reassert his claim to leadership. This is practically the declaration that the U.S. imperialists will now pursue policy with more wars. If the oppressed people dare to fight and stand upright, US imperialism with its NATO allies will take care of them. The world economic crisis has aggravated the inequality of development between different countries and the imperialist powers. The competition between them continues to intensify. The threat of war, thus growing, is underpinned by a growing chauvinist policy.

In many countries around the world, the workers’ movement and the popular masses have made it clear that they can fight even in the face of crises. Particularly in the focus of imperialist, anti-communist terrorism are the revolutionaries of the world. Under the Philippine government’s policy of indiscriminately labeling its opponents as ‘communists’ or ‘terrorists,’ our friends in the Philippines are being persecuted and murdered in outright pogroms.

Let us forge our new powerful weapon, the anti-imperialist united front against fascism and war!

We are inspired by the fighting spirit that has run throughout the history of the working-class movement. We will fight for the demands and interests of our class and free us from those who exploit and oppress us.

We will fight, unite and organize ourselves better and better. The working class will fight together with its allies, with the workers in the precarious and informal sector, with the peasants, the women and the youth, with the indigenous peoples, with the liberation struggles of the oppressed people of ruled and occupied countries, with the struggles against racism, the great struggles against capitalism’s destruction of the environment, in the fight for democratic rights and liberties and against the development of the right and protofascist governments. These movements have a great anti-imperialist and revolutionary potential.

Building strong revolutionary Marxist-Leninist parties and a strong revolutionary world organization ICOR is today the most important conclusion for the struggle for national liberation and and for socialism. We will fight, build our organizations, strengthen their coordination and cooperation and thus prepare ourselves for rapid developments towards revolutionary situations.


Let’s develop our fighting spirit and our level of organization and raise the level of struggle!

Forward with ICOR and anti-imperialist united front!

Unite against imperialism and fascism!

For a just peace, freedom, peoples’ rights and socialism!

Active resistance against imperialist war preparations! Forward to the international socialist revolution !


Signatories (as of 22 April 2021, further signatories possible):


UPC-Manidem Union des Populations du Cameroun – Manifeste National pour l’Instauration de la Démocratie (Union of Populations of Cameroon – National Manifesto for the Establishment of Democracy)

MMLPL Moroccan Marxist-Leninist Proletarian Line

CPSA (ML) Communist Party of South Africa (Marxist-Leninist)

PPDS Parti Patriotique Démocratique Socialiste (Patriotic Democratic Socialist Party), Tunisia

MLOA Marxist-Leninist Organization of Afghanistan

CPB Communist Party of Bangladesh

CPI (ML) Red Star Communist Party of India (Marxist-Leninist) Red Star

Ranjbaran Hezb-e Ranjbaran-e Iran (Proletarian Party of Iran)

NCP (Mashal) Nepal Communist Party (Mashal)

PPRF Patriotic Peoples Republican Front of Nepal

NDMLP New-Democratic Marxist-Leninist Party, Sri Lanka

CPA/ML Communist Party of Australia (Marxist-Leninist)

БКП Българска Комунистическа Партия (Bulgarian Communist Party)

БРП(к) Българска Работническа Партия (комунисти) (Bulgarian Workers Party (Communist))

PR-ByH Partija Rada – ByH (Party of Labor – Bosnia and Herzegovina)

MLPD Marxistisch-Leninistische Partei Deutschlands (Marxist-Leninist Party of Germany)

UC Unité Communiste (Communist United ), France

UPML Union Prolétarienne Marxiste-Léniniste (Marxist-Leninist Proletarian Union), France

KOL Kommunistische Organisation Luxemburg (Communist Organization of Luxemburg)

RM Rode Morgen (Red Dawn), Netherlands

UMLP União Marxista-Leninista Portuguesa (Portuguese Marxist-Leninist Union)

MLGS Marxistisch-Leninistische Gruppe Schweiz (Marxist-Leninist Group of Switzerland)

TKP-ML Türkiye Komünist Partisi – Marksist-Leninist (Communist Party of Turkey – Marxist-Leninist)

MLKP Marksist Leninist Komünist Parti Türkiye / Kürdistan (Marxist Leninist Communist Party Turkey / Kurdistan)

KSRD Koordinazionnyj Sowjet Rabotschewo Dvizhenija (Coordination Council of the Workers Class Movement), Ukraine

UoC Union of Cypriots, Cyprus

PCC-M Partido Comunista de Colombia – Maoista (Communist Party of Colombia – Maoist)

NPCH (ML) Nouveau Parti Communiste Haϊtien (Marxiste-Léniniste) (New Communist Party of Haiti (Marxist-Leninist))

PCP (independiente) Partido Comunista Paraguayo (independiente) (Paraguayan Communist Party (independent))

BDP Bloque Democratico Popular (Popular Democratic Bloc), Peru

PPP Partido Proletario del Perú (Proletarian Party of Peru)

PC (ML) Partido Comunista (Marxista Leninista) (Communist Party (Marxist-Leninist)), Dominican Republic

PCR-U Partido Comunista Revolucionario del Uruguay (Revolutionary Communist Party of Uruguay)

BP (NK-T) Bolşevik Parti (Kuzey Kürdistan-Türkiye) (Bolshevik Party (North Kurdistan-Turkey))


Signed after the release date:

  1. PCT   Parti Comuniste du Togo (Communist Party of Togo), Togo
  2. PCPCI   Parti Communiste Proletarien de Côte d’Ivoire

Turkısh: https://www.tkpml.com/icor-1-mayis-2021-isci-sinifi-ve-dunya-ezilen-halklarinin-uluslararasi-mucadele-gunu/