Nubar Ozanyan Brigade: The fascist Turkish state is attacking Rojava…

 The fascist Turkish state is attacking Rojava…

Our war will be great and meaningful.

Starting with the provocation at Taksim, the Turkish fascist state is attacking to all of Rojava, first and foremost to Kobane with a new plan to occupy. These attacks were carried out with war planes, drones and howitzer. Fighters of the Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF) and civilians fallen martyr, regime forces have been killed.

The enemy is broadcasting propaganda on its televisions that “terrorists were taken as target”, but the reality for women and children from all religions as well as from all nations, such as Kurds, Arabs, Syriac, Assyrians and Armenians, is that these attacks are attacks on all the people of Rojava. From Minbic and Kobane to Amude, Til Temir and Derik, all our cities are being bombed. From the occupation of Afrin to those of Serekaniye and Gire Spi, they continue to expand their occupations, with the aim of creating a mask for the ongoing crisis.

The revolution in Rojava is a women ‘s revolution and it is a beacon of hope against the darkness of ISIS. The attacks against this revolution, which started just days before the 25th of November, reveal the patriarchal and occupying character of the Turkish state. However, these attacks are being answered with the willpower of Ann Mirkan, Avesta Xabnr and Hevrin Xelef.

The Turkish government is trying to overcome their economic and political crisis with these attacks. ln order to achieve this, they are negotiating with Russia, the United States as well as other imperialists. The Turkish state organized their attacks with the support of the imperialist states. In Iraqi Kurdistan, for two years the guerrillas have been resisting against similar occupation attacks already. The Turkish state has not been able to hide its failures with these occupation attacks, even tough it has all of the technological power, and has used many tons of chemical weapons against the resistance of the guerrillas, it still remains without resolve for its crisis.

We, as the Martyr Nubar Ozanyan Brigade, defensive force of the Armenian People in Rojava, together with the other forces that constitute the SDF, will not leave our trenches. The attacks of the fascist Turkish state will remain without success!

Long live international solidarity!

Nubar Ozanyan Brigade