TKP-ML Central Committee Polit Bureau: Fascism shall be defeated, Resisting people shall prevail! “Peace Spring”s will dry out, Rojava shall be victorious!

Statement No.: 2019/11

Fascism shall be defeated, Resisting people shall prevail!

“Peace Spring”s will dry out, Rojava shall be victorious!

The fascist Turkish state is attacking Rojava. As soon as they received “green light” from the imperialist powers, fascism put in practice the threats which had been going on for months. Using its techologocial advantage in its favour, the fascist state began an operation to invade Northern Syria with the jihadist gangs they trained for months.

The first aim of the aggression of the fascist state is the liquidation of positions gained by the Kurdish nation as well other people with different nationalities and beliefs through the Rojava Revolution. Fascism recognizes that the positions gained here are a threat to itself and wants to strangle this revolution at any cost. It’s a “question of perpetuity” for fascism.

The second reason for the aggression of fascism is the state of blockage in domestic politics. The dimension, unemployment and high costs as a result of economic crisis can no longer be covered by any black propaganda. Fascism is trying to reproduce itself with racism and chauvinism and sees the only cure in military invasion attacks. As a matter of fact, with the attack on Rojava, the ranks were lined up and everyone from the right to the “left” was lined up behind fascist R.T.Erdogan and the palace regime.

The third objective of this aggression of fascism is to resurrect ISIS gangs. Directly supported by imperialists and regional reaction, ISIS received a heavy defeat despite receiving lorry full of military ammunition sent by the Turkish state. Fascist R. T Erdogan and his clique once again show helping hands to “their children”.

The imperialist powers which gave a green light for the aggression of Turkish fascism, once again showed their true faces as enemy of the peoples and the whole of humanity. The present situation has once again demonstrated that the Rojava Revolution must be based on its own power. Kurds, Arabs, Syriac, Armenians and Circassians as well as other nationalities and beliefs; people must organize their own active self-defence against fascist aggression.

It is the revolutionary task of the moment to oppose the invasion of fascism against Rojava in all areas. Organizing the revolutionary war against the occupation attack with all means and possibilities is an irreversible task. It is the revolutionary task of the moment to join the Rojava resistance, to offer all kinds of opportunities to the revolution and resistance, and to defeat fascism and the gangs it feeds.

Those who once said “Kobane is almost down” has had faced reality shortly after. Despite supporting the fascist ISIS with all means, they could not stop the agonizing defeat of their “angry children”. That is what is going to happen now. What ever the outcome fascism has already lost. Because it is wrong! Because it is illegitimate. International proletariat and oppressed people of the world are on the side of people of Rojava. Victory has already come…


Rojava Shall Prevail, Revolution Shall Prevail

Long Live Revolutionary Solidarity.

Long Live the Kurdish Nation Right to Leave Freely!


TKP-ML Central Committee Polit Bureau

10 October 2019