TKP-ML International Bureau issued a message of condolences and solidarity upon the death of the Chairman of C(M)PA

To the Central Committee of the Communist (Maoist) Party of Afghanistan

Dear Comrades

We received the sad news of the untimely passing of comrade Zia, Chairman of the C(M)PA and one of its founders, following a heart attack at the age of 68. We understand the tragic loss of such a comrade in a prominent and leading role in the development of the C(M)PA. We also appreciate your party’s efforts and comrade Zia’s leading role in the furthering international relation between revolutionary and communist parties advancing proletarian internationalism.

Comrades, we are living through some of the most challenging times in the history of the international communist movement and class struggle in each country. At the international level, we have the urgent task of achieving principled unity between the proletarian forces and organisations. This can only be done through overcoming revisionism and opportunism without which, ultimately, our common struggle to defeat and smash imperialism will remain impossible to fulfil. The International communist movement and the proletariat worldwide needs comrades such as comrade Zia at its side to accomplish these tasks. However, despite his sad loss, we are confident that other comrades will take up his role and continue to uphold Comrade Zia’s revolutionary legacy.

On behalf of the Central Committee of Communist Party of Turkey – Marxist Leninist (TKP-ML) and the whole party and the proletariat of our country, we express our heartfelt sorrow for the demise of comrade Zia. We further extend our solidarity with C(M)PA, the proletariat and the oppressed peoples of Afghanistan.

The memory and the legacy of our fallen comrades will live forever in our common struggle against imperialism and all reactionaries.

Comrade Zia’s memory will live in our struggle!

Communist Party of Turkey – Marxist-Leninist (TKP-ML)

International Bureau

23 June 2020