TKP-ML TIKKO militant Munzur Piran: “No one takes a single step back from the position”

TKP-ML TIKKO militant Munzur Piran: “No one takes a single step back from the position”


Dear comrades,

I hope you are all well, because our situations in here is good. Today is the 8th day of the resistance. They are also doing preparation on the other side right now. Yesterday again, 1200 Turkish government backed gangs attacked Serekaniye. Parallel to this attack they used howitzer, mortar and armed UCAV from both north and east and west sides of the town. But to underline still they have not broken the resistance.

There is no great gun power here, miniguns is the most powerful gun used but we have our will. Our will is resisting against these attacks. There are many gang members attacking. They are so scared. They can’t move much at night as if there’s going to be a resistance coming from anywhere.

Overall the morale of all the friends here is very high. No one takes a single step back from their positions. In other words, they are preparing attack over attack but still they cannot take a step forward despite so many techniques. So, they are trying to kettle, but they can’t. They are trying to enter with tanks, panzers, but our friends destroy those. There are continuous short distance clashes. Apart from that we have not lost control. The initiative is in our hands. They are not very brave. They are not able to take such a step; the Turkish state has already started building the walls back to that no gang could run back.

This is the current situation now, there are some group of these gangs in the industrial district of Serekaniye and there is place called Hawarno which is very close to border. In there, gangs’ members are holding couple houses. Already both in Til Halef and Savurno side friends have formed a very strong line. Sometimes this Til Timer to Srekaniye road is closed, but mostly it’s open. Our friends are holding the road.

The general situation is good. Today is the 8th day and it doesn’t matter if it carries on.  No matter who came and who left. The main thing here is to resist. Resisting for the benefit of the Kurdish people here, and for the benefit of the people living here in Rojava. This needs to be the bases, and we take this as basis. No matter what happens, we will resist here until the end!


Let all comrades know this!

Let everyone know this!