United Action Front in Greece / Turkey-Kurdistan: To the Revolutionary public opinion

To the Revolutionary public opinion

We, the undersigned revolutionary organisations from Turkey and Kurdistan, currently working together in solidarity under the roof of Greece Action Platform write this statement to declare our attitude against the supporters of TKP/ML organisation in Greece and in response to their harassment and provocative actions which seriously undermine our work in Greece.

The sympathisers of the organisation in question have been harassing and insulting the sympathisers of TKP-ML in the streets of Athens as well as photographing them and their actions and meetings. The tension developed by this organisation removing the posters from the streets containing the insignia and signatures of all the organizations related to actions in Rojava and it has continued to worsen to this day despite our attempts to end this tension.

During a street action to raise awareness to the hunger strikes in prisons in Turkey, the sympathisers of this organization came to the picket in the name of a “solidarity visit” but instead started harnessing and insulting our comrades like street gangsters. Harassment of action organised to raise awareness of resistance from prison for whatever reason is unacceptable. We leave to public discretion to decide which forces would use such methods. After these events, our representatives requested a meeting with the representatives of this group. This request was left unanswered for days and the same methods and behaviour continued. Following the burial of Mahir Mete Kul who drowned in Meric River instead of directing people’s anger against the system the followers of the organisation in question verbally harassed our comrades. They use anonymous social media accounts to attack the principles of our organizations using derogatory statements. Yet these actions are being portrayed as revolutionary. We are aware that no revolutionary person or group will ever attack revolutionary values or principles on social media. This method used is like that of our enemy targeting peoples struggle for revolution and socialism. We thought that the organization in question was conscious of this situation and warned the organisation about the actions of its followers. Our request for a meeting to resolve the issues between revolutionary organisations was recently answered by them. We held a meeting with the two people (not knowing their position as representatives) from the organisation in question. At this meeting, we emphasised that this attitude which is the attitude of our enemy will not resolve any issues and these actions do not reflect their opinions and they should end these actions and issue a self-criticism. We also reminded them that they too were invited to join the platform from the beginning and that they had refused to join. The delegation representing the group defended the practices and mentioned that did not have any problems with the organization in the union, however, they stated that they would continue their attitude towards TKP-ML and look for settling accounts. The meeting ended with mutual declarations. However, the group’s supporters have continued with these practices.

None of the participants in the platform, have broken the principles of common sense and revolutionary solidarity and have tried to address this problem maintaining a collective approach to oppose and end these practices. We believe that the revolutionary forces and their organisations must only fight ideologically and politically and should never use the methods deployed by the enemy and methods and actions that are unbecoming of the revolutionary culture, tracking our comrades, exposing, hurling crude abuse, harassment and such like.  We regard all such approaches as attacks against our collective and united actions.

For us, revolutionaries from Kurdistan and Turkey living according to the seriousness of the process and maintaining a high moral stance is a duty in the service of our people. Those applying these practices; such as targeting the families of revolutionaries will only serve the male-dominant, sexist and gang culture, not the revolutionary culture. Those in these practices; instead of raising solidarity and resistance in revolutionary action, conduct sabotage and paralyzing behaviour will deepen fragmentation and insecurity.

Those in these practices that track revolutionaries to their home, harass them, take hidden pictures, tearing up posters, only serve the development of infiltrations and enemy methods not extend revolutionary solidarity.

We, as the signatories below, announce to the public that with the aforementioned organisation we have frozen all our activities in this field both individually and collectively. We hope that the representatives of the related structure will make self-criticism for what has happened in this area. Once more, we would like to reiterate that we have approached the events in a prudent manner but our insistence on a revolutionary solution has been inconclusive. We state that harassment, tracking, insult and attack will not be regarded with friendly intentions. As participants of the front for united action, we consider it our historic responsibility and will not be indifferent to any development triggering violence between revolutionaries.


With revolutionary solidarity,

United Action Front in Greece / Turkey-Kurdistan


26 Mayıs 2019

Turkish: https://www.tkpml.com/yunanistan-eylem-birligi-turkiye-kurdistandan-aciklama/