Voice Message from CPI (Maoist) Central Committee Spokesperson

Voice Message from CPI (Maoist) Central Committee Spokesperson

CPI (Maoist) Central Committee Spokesperson Comrade Abhay said in his voice message that was first broadcast in the media on Friday, that the party’s military commission published a 104-page commemorative document.

Comrade Abhay in his voice message; He announced that the armed wing of the CPI (Maoist) People’s Liberation Guerrilla Army (PLGA) has published a commemorative book on the occasion of the 20th anniversary of its founding.

Comrade Abhay said that the PLGA was established on December 2, 2000 as the guerrilla army of the Maoist party. The PLGA has faced the government’s armed forces since 2003 and has been fighting Operation Green Hunt for the past nine years and has managed to defeat them, he said.

Similarly, the Maoists defeated Salwa Judum forces. In May 2017 the Modi government launched Operation Samadhan. But the Maoists have been fighting against it successfully and getting better as the time was progressing, Comrade Abhay said.

The Central Committee expresses its gratitude to the revolutionary groups and forces that supported the Maoists’ fight against the capitalist forces. As eight month long ‘Operation Prahar’ failed, on Sep 26 2021 union Home Minister Amit Shah held a meeting with Chief Ministers and officials of Maoist affected States to devise another plan. But revolutionary and Left wing forces would defeat the Centre’s plans, Comrade Abhay said.

In the document the Maoists listed out the party underground activists who had died since the year 2000. The Maoists have executed as many as 4572 minor, medium and major guerrilla attacks till July 2021. A special mention of the Minpa and Jeeragudem ambush was made in it. A total of 4739 Maoist cadres were killed in fighting with the security forces from Dec 2000 to Aug 2021.

It stated that there were 3507 villages with 9053 families, under Krantikari Janata Sarkar limits in Dandakaranya zone. As many as 15, 700 families benefitted from its land reforms. Around 6933 tanks were built, the document noted.

Voice message of Abhay, CPC (Maoist) Central Committee Spokesperson:

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