War stops only if imperialism is rooted out

War stops only if imperialism is rooted out

Disclosure: Extracted from the June 2022 issue of People’s March

February 24th was the day on which the war of aggression of Russia on Ukraine began. Since then the war became a deep source of discussion about interimperialist contention. It is the need of the time to delve into the matter in order to understand the developing condition for revolution and the tasks of the world proletariat.

The whole world is aware that ‘Imperialism is war’, as Lenin said. Yes. War is the creation of imperialism. And the present war is an imperialist war. It is a manifestation of the intensifying inter-imperialist contention for world hegemony. The ongoing developments show that the war is not going to end soon. Ukraine has become an arena of dog fight among the imperialists.

The history

Ukraine is a country in Eastern Europe and is the second largest in Europe after Russia. It is bordered by Belarus on the North, Russia to the East, Sea of Azov and Black Sea to the South and Hungary, Slovakia and Poland to the West. Ukraine has one of the most fertile chernozemic soil of the world that spreads across two-thirds of

the country. The country stands in the first place in wheat and potatoes in Europe. It is the largest producer of sugar beets in the world. This, wheat and Sunflower oil is exported to many parts of the world. Crimea is a part of Ukraine where Russians are the major population and constitute a minority in the country.

Ukraine faced invasion since a long time. It was invaded by Poland-Lithuania and Russia. It was part of Russia during the period of Czar. When Soviet Union was formed Ukraine voluntarily joined it. It became Political Commentator an independent country after the disintegration of the Soviet Union in 1991. When Soviet Union disintegrated, the US started to expand NATO. This was in violation to its promise to Russia. The alliance initially formed with 12 countries was expanded to 30 countries.

Poland of WARSAW alliance combined Rumania, Czechrepublic and Hungary. It also combined Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania five years later. These are adjacent to Russia. Ukraine too is seeking membership in NATO since early 21st century.

In 2008, the US declared it would make Georgia and Ukraine part of NATO. If Ukraine becomes part of NATO, the alliance can close in Moscow at a distance of 500 kilometers. This would help the US militarily. Deployment of missiles by the US in Ukraine shall become dangerous to Russia. This shall affect Russia’s hegemony on Black Sea. Therefore, Russia indulged in certain aggressive measures with the intention to sustain its hegemony on these areas. It is a well-known fact that Russia is in contention with the US for world hegemony since it became a social-imperialist country.

In a bid to bring Russia into the lead, the leaders of the country had been making aggressions into Afghanistan, Crimea and other such countries. As a part of it, Putin sent army during the internal conflicts in Georgia in 2008 and brought it under its control. He gave military support to the separatists of Crimea Island in

Ukraine where Russians constitute the majority and made it part of Russia. Russia also intervened in Belarus and Caucasus and is increasing its influence in the Asian countries. With China emerging as a new Social-imperialist country since around 2014, Russia and China have become political allies. They formed the Shanghai Cooperation Organisation (SCO) that strengthened with the merger of CSTO of Russia and the BRICS together with Brazil, India and South Africa.

Ukraine is geo-strategically important for imperialists

Ukraine is at a geographically strategical position and can serve the imperialist interests of the US a n d Russia. So, the US-EU and NATO on one hand and Russia supported by China on the other have been trying to establish control over the country. US-NATO instigated and helped Ukraine to suppress the Russian rebels on the eastern region. The US had been helping Ukraine with funds and arms for a long time. It had been trying to join Ukraine in NATO. The interests of the US and those of Ukraine made the ruling classes of the country a lackey of the US.

Russia had been trying to sustain its spheres of influence and became quite aggressive with its alliances. It extended help to the Russian rebels in the eastern region of Ukraine fighting against the government for independence. In 2014 there was an agreement between Russia and Ukraine in Minsk in Belarus to ceasefire. Belarus had been close to Russia and had been being used in its imperialist interests. But Ukraine attacked these areas once again on the instigation of the US. France and Germany intervened and made the Minsk-2 agreement between Russia, France, Germany and Ukraine. The agreement provided special status and right to self-rule to Donetsk and Luhansk.

As the inter-imperialist contention reached new levels and took new shapes of alignments, the US became very keen on joining Ukraine in NATO and Ukraine too became keen on it. The US is in fact trying to sustain its declining world hegemony. It is worried with the rising alliance of Russia and China and is making new alliances. It is trying to control the other imperialist countries by hook or crook. As a part of its efforts, it helped Ukraine in many ways that made Russia tense. In this way, the US had a major role in instigating the war with its constant attempts to totally take Ukraine on its side by joining it in the NATO with a strategic view to oppose its contenders.

A deliberate war out of inter-imperialist contention

Both the US and Russia and other imperialist countries knew that the war is going to start. While the US was busy gathering its alliance partners and supplying arms to Ukraine, Russia was deploying armies on the borders of Ukraine and gaining support from its allies.

Russia made and is making most inhuman devastating attacks on Ukraine. It first targeted the capital city of Kiev. Houses were damaged. The whole city was in ruins within no time. People had to flee for life out of their houses. Many families lost their kith and kin. Children           became orphans. Parents became childless. Many lost their spouses. People’s life was shattered to the core. The whole world saw the photos of devastation that led to increasing demonstrations against war, mainly Europe and the US.

Russia later proceeded to seize the city of Mariupol. Mariupol too was attacked in the same manner. Zelensky had been giving statements that they were trying to sustain Mariupol but ultimately Russia seized the Steel factory that was the last one that Russia attacked and with this Mariupol too came into the control of Russia.

All through the happenings, Russia maintained that it is not for a change in regime in Ukraine but only for control on certain areas.

In these attacks the world witnessed the loss of thousands of people and also soldiers. One fourth of the 44 million people of Ukraine were forced out of their houses. More than thirtyfour lakh people of Ukraine added to the list of refugees. Above 60 lakh people became homeless. Lakhs of families lack water, food and medicines. The first economic effect of the war was seen in the rise in oil prices. Prices of crude oil rose to 110 dollars per barrel within few days of the beginning of war. This apart, the prices of Sunflower oil, Wheat both of which are mostly imported from Ukraine, Aluminum and other metals also rose. The rise in prices especially of oil showed impact on the prices of all daily commodities all over the world. The prices went beyond the purchasing capacity of the people. There is rise in inflation in several countries. India is also affected.

Imperialists only tense about who would succeed

The President of the US, of Russia, of Ukraine and other countries are only bothered about their success in war. Putin makes a statement that he is only making ‘Special Military Operations’ and that he only needs control on the Russian populated areas on the eastern side of Ukraine and not a change in the The US warned Russia that it would help Ukraine fight it. Zelensky is constantly live in the media. He says that they eliminated such and such a number of Russian soldiers and are not on the losing side. While the lives of the people are becoming more and more pathetic, the imperialists or Ukraine did not come out with a single word about the increasing number of the homeless and refugees.

The US immediately imposed sanctions on Russia. Analysts say that whether the sanctions effect Russia or not, those would affect the US since its economy is in decline. Russia’s share is 50 per cent of the world’s crude oil exports between 2016 and 2020 and its economy is dependent on these exports.

The sanctions are affecting many countries other than Russia. European countries such as Germany, Netherlands, Bulgaria and Hungary are not prepared for tougher sanctions against Russian oil and gas since they depend largely on Russia for energy. Germany imports 34 percent of its coal and 32 percent of its crude oil from Russia. To say, the sanctions that the imperialists impose as a part of their rivalry severely affect the people of the whole world.

In the process, the issue of Taiwan came forth, or it ‘was brought forth’. The issue exists and it has become a part of the inter-imperialist contention. While China considers Taiwan as a part of it, according to China, the US has always been pressurizing Taiwan to develop asymmetric warfare, with small, cheap but sophisticated weapons and equipment such as mines, anti-ship cruise missiles and air defense systems but not main battle tanks and capital warships.

India in a fix

India fell in a fix when war started. It is close to the US and needs to oppose the Russian invasion. But it has arms deals with Russia. Also, the formation of AUKUS proved that the US is making other arrangements to sustain its world hegemony making India secondary. Although India is with China and Russia in BRICS, it cannot break its ties and conditions with the US.

However, India abstained its vote in the United Nations resolution against Russian invasion on Ukraine twice. Joe Biden warningly commented that India was ‘an exception’ in this regard. Prime Minister Modi said that India’s stand is based on ‘connections with Russia and Ukraine’.

This apart, India had to deal with the issue of getting home Medical students studying in Ukraine.

The role of China

Towards the end of winter Olympics both Russia and China came out with a statement that there are ‘no limits’ to SinoRussian relations. China is continuously blaming the US for ‘instigating’ Russia to make war on Ukraine.

The Chinese Foreign Ministry spokesperson Wang Wen-bin recently said, ‘China and Russia are two major countries. The US attempt to contain and suppress them will not succeed. The US should reflect on its responsibilities in the Ukraine crisis, review and correct the practice of creating imaginary enemies, ignoring other countries’ political and security concerns and mobilizing bloc confrontation’.

The Chinese foreign minister said that China shall continue its efforts in ‘advancing global multipolarity and the democratization of international relations’.

US raises its defense budget

Coming to the US, the number one enemy of the world, even before the recent Russian invasion, estimates for the fiscal year 2023 Pentagon budget rose to $770 billion. The actual figure is estimated to go up to $800 billion. The White House asked the Congress for a budget of $813 billion national defense in 2023, including $773 billion for the Pentagon, a four percent rise from the 2022 submission. It mentioned in its proposal about the ‘rising challenge’ of China and the ongoing ‘Russian aggression’.

The budget, according to US media, also includes $6.9 billion for the European Deterrence Initiative and $1.8 billion to expand the US military presence in the Indo-Pacific region. And there is an additional $682 million for Ukraine to fight Russia. The budget proposal also mentioned about the ‘persistent threats’ posed by Iran and North Korea. China’s defense budget in 2022 is about $230 billion. The US military budget is nearly four times that of China.

The Pentagon also transmitted the classified 2022 National Defense Strategy to Congress which stated that the Pentagon will act urgently to sustain and strengthen deterrence, with China as the most consequential strategic competitor. The Pentagon believes that Russia is presenting an ‘acute threat’ to the U.S. in the background of its special operation in Ukraine.


‘Cold war’ is a word that came into existence with the inter-imperialist rivalry. Now the ongoing war is that where ultramodern weapons are being used. The usage of nuclear weapons in the present war is under discussion. The US that always blames Iran, Iraq or Syria for making nuclear weapons has 336 bio-labs in 30 countries.

Russia manufactures arms in a large manner. But it is worried about the US missile defense systems, especially in Europe. China has a military base in Africa and Russia has two bases outside the former territory of Soviet Union.

In this background, it is a general idea that the present war is going to lead to World War III. The world proletariat must be clear about its tasks if it begins, with the lessons of the earlier two World Wars and the experience of the October Socialist Revolution in Russia and the New Democratic Revolution in China.

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