Statement Nr.: 2019/02





Our party TKP-ML has held its 1st Congress 47 years after its foundation. Our congress was realized under the attacks of the class enemies and those with the left looking right-wing opportunist line, who attempted a takeover coup within our Party. The historical significance of our congress is to draw a line to those who aim to create “a loss of hope” and “a crisis of trust” within our militants, supporters and our people by liquidating our Party. Moreover, to invent a program, which our Party did not have since the establishment.

Under the intense attacks of the enemy and the liquidators who were divulging and denouncing, the importance of our Congress, which had an intensive agenda, is due to running the Congress in the lines of direct democracy, instead of representative democracy. On the one hand, our party has discussed the agenda of the class struggle in proportion to its reality and power, and on the other hand, it has debated about its internal problems and has synthesized these results during its congress.

After the central attack by German imperialism and Turkish fascism, our Party aimed to include the seemingly “left” opportunist, but in fact right opportunist liquidationist line to the Congress or conference and carried out a two-line struggle, however, the defenders of this line have especially avoided this platform with our Party, which they declare as a “faction”. Our Party has forced the struggle with the owners of this line on central platforms, however, they have insisted upon the will of the Party, preferred to protect their own power and split the Party, instead of solving the present crisis. Afterwards, they have taken our cadres, members, militants and supporters, who embrace our Party, as their target. Under these circumstances, the MLM’s, who embrace our Party, established an Organizing Committee.

The Organizing Committee (OC) has not only intervened in the agendas of the class struggle, but also aimed the reorganization of the Party and began its work for the centralization of the will of the Party. At the beginning of this process, our party member comrade Nubar Ozanyan was martyred in Rojava. The loss of comrade Nubar Ozanyan, who was the essence and the summary of our party identity, was a heavy blow to our Party. In this process, the OC continued to work for the protection of our Party forces, the continuation of our activities, the guidance of guerrilla forces and most importantly the organization of our central platform. The OC also carried out an internationally effective campaign against some obstacles. This practice has shown our party’s assertion and courage to friends and enemies.

The Last Decade: A Right Opportunist Line and Splitting the Party to Avoid Giving An Account!

Our Congress, which convened ten years after our 8th Conference, analyzed the period from the last Conference to the present day, evaluated all the activities of our Party, in particular the 8th Central Committee of the Party (CCP), which took over the will of the 8th Conference and reached some conclusions.

Our Congress, which in terms of our Party history took place after ten years, which is unacceptable due to our statue, has determined the most important failure of the 8th CCP as its inability to carry the Party to a central will. The Congress also evaluated the activities of the Organizing Committee (OC), which was established to get the Party out of the chaos. Despite its short comings, the OC was found successful in achieving its founding purposes.

Our Congress evaluated the ideological, political, organizational and military aspects of the leadership of the 8th Central Committee (CM) and determined that the 8th CM and the Party, which has discussed its main four orientations in the 8th Conference, failed to fulfil the essential steps despite some steps taken forward.

Leadership is first of all ideological leadership. Leaving aside the ideological leadership to the Party, the 8th Central Committee has appeared as an ideological problem in the Party itself and thus, turned into an organ that eventually lost its will. Although some of the political developments were analysed and tasks were charged to the Party, the Central Committee failed due to not continuing and controlling these steps. Although there is a policy of organizing cadres and successors in the organizational field, let us leave putting the Party forward in organizational matters, it has put the Party even further back. Even though there were countless advanced militants around the Party and an important part of the activities were shouldered by these comrades, no orientation was followed to include them in the Party. Despite the first steps of the guerrilla war taken in Dersim, no intervention was made according to the developments, and the obstruction and repetition of the guerrilla war could not be prevented. The steps taken in Rojava could not be properly evaluated as the Party was subjected to a putschist and liquidationist attack.

At this point, our Congress did not consider the 8th CM as the only responsible of this process, but also emphasized the role and the opportunist attitude of the Party in this process. It has emphasized and condemned the fact that the Party itself did not fulfil the duty of supervision, questioning and accountability over the leadership, which is decisive in the sharing of rights and duties.

The security of our party is above everything!

Our Congress evaluated the operations of the enemy (2015 Central Operation, 24-28 November Aliboğazı, etc.) against our Party in the last period and reached various conclusions. In these decisions, which we will partly not open to the public, our congress reached certain clarity by pondering on the quality of those who lead the “left” looking right opportunist putschist and liquidationist line.

Our Congress has focused on the periods of before and after the counter-revolutionary attack in April 2015, clarified the claims of “enemy extension” which started to be discussed  together with the putschist liquidationist attacks and made an evaluation of the putschist liquidationism based on our statute. Our Congress questioned the Party’s position in this process and reached various conclusions.

Our Congress has determined that during this process, which our Party had been forced to go through, not only our Party was aimed to be undermined but also the hope of revolution of the masses. It concluded that asking the right questions will enable us to reach the right answers. In this sense, it was emphasized that it is inevitable to stop such situations in conditions where the problem is among ourselves, the Party is not evaluating ideologically, the Party does not behave in accordance with its strategy and does not implement the revolutionary working style. Therefore, it is right and revolutionary to search the main concern within our Party.

Our Congress ascertained that the danger of an attack against our Party both inside and outside the country continues; that the imperialists continue to see our Party as a danger and can carry out new attacks; and that the divulging and denouncing practices of the putschist liquidationism continue to threaten the security of our Party. Even our efforts and steps to take such measures are responded with new divulging and denouncing practices of the putschist liquidationist group.

What we must do at this point is; to act with the principles that have been gained over the years of experience; to implement the right way of working and; to not leave the revolutionary alertness for a moment. It’s about the security of our power claiming Party and the blood, soul and labour of our comrades and our people. The rest are details.

Decade of Change: The Crisis of the Imperialist Capitalist System and the Rise of Fascism

Our Party Congress has focused on the developments and changes experienced in the country and in the world in the 10 years since our 8th Conference and has reached certain results. These results will be shared with the public soon with appropriate methods.

Our Congress’s findings include the continuation of the economic crisis of the imperialist capitalist system internationally, the management of the imperialist capitalist system reproducing itself, the deepening of the contradiction between the imperialists worldwide, especially in the proxy war, and the change of balances between the imperialist cliques.

The Congress emphasized that this process has direct reflection on Africa, South Asia, Latin America and the Middle East, and that the central points of the revolution are still oppressed dependent nations and countries. At this point, it has been emphasized that the Middle East orientation of our Party offers a proper base for producing revolutionary results.

It has been determined that the international proletariat and the oppressed people of the world continue to have different methods of oppositions, revolts and protests with various content against the policies implemented by the imperialist capitalist system and the following consequences, however, that the lack of a communist leadership is an important problem. In this context, our Congress discussed the current situation of the international communist movement and proposed the view that ‘the unity of communists is the problem of today, not the future, and the proletariat needs an international organization’. At the same time, our congress focused on the relations of our Party with anti-imperialist and anti-fascist mass organizations, revolutionary and progressive organizations, and decided to approach it based on our Party’s perspective.

Our Congress has focused on the economic and social developments in our country in the last ten years, the cause of political crisis through the economic crisis, the crisis of management of the Turkish ruling classes and the sharpening conflicts between the ruling classes including the economic crisis, which result in coup attempts and turn to progressive revolutionary organization and people’s movements. It was emphasized that the crisis led to the increasement of fascist aggression in all areas.

Our Congress discussed the issue of determination of leadership of revolutionary communist movement in Turkey and underlined the fact that the revolutionary movement in Turkey, including our Party, failed to lead the struggle of the working class and the people. At this point, our Congress approves a self-critical stance. The revolutionary organizations, including our Party, have problems to relate to the working class, masses of the people, and their movements and organizing the classes and people. For this reason, the revolutionary communist movements faced organizational problems and lost power through internal putsches, such as the putschist liquidationist attack experienced in our Party.

The difficulty of the period and the fact that the aggressiveness of fascism is at upper levels enforced the revolutionary communist movements to move together and react to the period with dual or multiple action units. At this point, although HBDH (Peoples’ United Revolutionary Movement) is an important resource, it should be emphasized that our Party did not play its role in this unity of action.

In case the mass movement is drawn to edges, accumulates power on the edges and hits the surface when its conditions are formed, it is the correct revolutionary approach to build relationships with masses at the bottom and to continue working in line with our strategic direction.

The Non-renewable is Obliged to be Defeated!

Our Congress, which examined the developments from our 8th Conference until today, analysed changes and contradictions emerging in the community of Turkey and reached some revolutionary results. The importance at this point it to not substitute our subjective world for the objective world. Those who replace the objective world with their subjective thoughts cannot escape from falling into opportunism. It is inevitable that those, who do not reproduce in line with the world view by analysing the changes of the objective world, will disconnect to the class and masses.

This is the line that our party has followed in the last decade. Our Congress has discussed this topic in the program, which is postponed since the party’s foundation. Moreover, it has identified new major contradictions starting from the situation the Turkey’s society finds itself in currently. Our Congress has identified these contradictions as, “contradiction between oppressing nation and oppressed nations and nationalities”, “contradiction between oppressing faith and oppressed faiths”, “contradiction between patriarchal system and oppressed gender” and “contradiction between the system and the ecological system” and enriched its program.

Our Congress has discussed the Kurdish national issue, which it considers the main contradiction in our country, under the heading “contradiction between oppressing nation and oppressed nations and nationalities” and decided to use the notion The Right to Separate Freely instead of The Right of Nations to Self-Determination. In this agenda, it also acknowledged to use the term Kurdish National Freedom Movement and to define the Kurdish national movement as a national revolutionary movement.

The will of our Congress has also evaluated the practices of the “left” looking right opportunist putschist liquidationist line owners and accordingly revised statute articles and changed them. The name of the Party has been changed to TKP-ML due to the use of the same name of these line owners.

Glory to our Communist Women’s Organization!

Our Congress has also evaluated its approach to the oppressed gender and its struggle that has been neglected since the establishment of our party which is a subject of self-criticism and decided to establish the Communist Women’s Union (KKB) as a decentralized communist women’s organization.

The approach to the oppressed gender and its struggle, which was mentioned in the establishment of our party but did not take any steps forward, oppositely came to a worse stage in terms of the statute; was reconsidered more systematically with the 8th Conference and it has reached a significant level with a qualitative progress as a result of the efforts and struggle of our female comrades of the Party. The rest is the problem of organizational construction, and our Party, especially our female comrades, will fulfil this task with the power it receives from the will of the Congress.

The establishment and struggle of the Communist Women’s Union will not only develop the struggle against imperialism and fascism, but also the struggle within the Party against all kinds of reactionism, especially patriarchy. It will strengthen its revolutionary side.

Our party can lead the revolution to Turkey!

Our 1st Congress; together with the changes in Turkey and in the world, the Party evaluated itself and its areas of activities. It planned to be realistic, to take small steps forward and emphasized the importance of ideological deepening, political competence, organizational consolidation and military determination.

With the words of Chairman Mao; Whoever questions our ability to lead the revolutionary war will fall into the morass of opportunism(Mao Zedung, On Tactics Against Japanese Imperialism, 27 December 1935, Vol 1, Kaynak Publications, pp.206), our Congress discussed about the ability of our Party to lead People’s War due to its knowledge and experience and assigned tasks to the People’s Army.

Our Congress has confirmed that an ideological stance must be performed against fascism, imperialism, feudalism, patriarchy and all kinds of reactionism and that in this sense, the science of Marxism Leninism Maoism is the most important weapon in the hands of our Party, the international proletariat and our people.

Our Congress has stated that it is very important to consolidate organizationally against all kinds of divulging, denouncing, threat and harassment policies of the attacks of imperialism and fascism against our Party and the direction to liquidation of our Party through the putschist liquidationist opportunism. The Congress has determined the road map to be followed in this area.

Our Congress has summarized the experiences in the field of militarization from the 8th Conference until today and assigned important and planned tasks to the whole Party and its decentralized organizations, in particular to the People’s Army.

When considering the past decade, including the previous historical experiences, the basic point that needs to be understood is that the true line of our Party (and the military line) can only be developed and strengthened within the struggle. Our party cannot develop and strengthen its own communist line without giving a relentless struggle with the left and right opportunism within itself.

Our Congress has strongly emphasized that as long as our Party rely on its own principles and historical experiences, involves in the struggle of the masses and coheres to the movements of the masses on a correct base, it will be able to develop and strengthen, and pursue a practice from simple to complex that enlarges the People’s War, which stands for the power. Our Congress emphasized that at this point the fundamental issue is to trust the Party and the masses and that all kinds of miracles can be created as long as the Party and masses exist.








TKP-ML Central Committee Political Bureau

April 2019

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