Communist Party of Turkey-Marxist Leninist Middle East Party Committee: Glory to our Party TKP-ML…

Glory to our Party TKP-ML…

To the Oppressed People of Turkey of Various Nationalities…

We celebrate the 51st anniversary of the foundation of our party TKP-ML. Our Party is an enthusiastic excitement in the hearts of our people who devote themselves to it, our militants who fight and resist, and all
oppressed masses, and an unshakable belief in victory in their consciousness. Our Party, whose foundation was laid by the communist leader İbrahim Kaypakkaya and his comrades, has been steadfastly advancing on the path of People’s Democratic Power and people’s war for 51 years. We once again reiterate our promise of revolution to our hundreds of immortals, prisoners, workers and labourers, women, LGBTI + individuals, youth, all oppressed groups.

The only thing that a handful of comprador bourgeoisie and landlords, patriarchal order, reactionary and fascist systems, imperialist-capitalist order offer to the people is exploitation, oppression, war, occupation, genocide and poverty; what it promises is no future. While all the riches are gathered in the hands of a handful
of oppressors, the people are getting poorer and poorer day by day. Tens of thousands of people were killed in the earthquakes in Turkey, Turkish Kurdistan and Syria, millions of people were left homeless. Our people
were deliberately left to die. The only way to end earthquakes and all disasters, war and poverty is for the people to organise and revolt against the oppressive orders.

To the suffering peoples of the Middle East and Caucasus…

The fascist Turkish state also threatens the peoples of the Middle East and the Caucasus with occupation, genocide, assimilation and exploitation. After Afrin, Gıre-Sıpi and Serekaniye, it openly threatens to occupy the entire Rojava region. With the treasonous policies of the Kurdistan Regional Government, it increases its attacks on areas of freedom. On the other hand, it keeps the people of Artsakh/Karabakh under siege together with the Azerbaijani state. The Turkish state is a great threat to the peoples of the Middle East and the Caucasus. The establishment of our party and its determined continuation of the struggle for freedom and liberation at great cost is the guarantee of the democratic people’s revolution and the ideals of socialism.

In addition to the attacks of the Turkish state, the occupation of the Zionist state of Israel on Palestine, the oppression policies of the reactionary Arab and Iranian states against the peoples are not accepted by the peoples. The peoples of the Middle East must put a stop to these orders of oppression and their reign. The way of salvation for all oppressed people of various nationalities and beliefs is a common struggle. The resistance led by women against the Mullah regime in Iran, the struggle of the Palestinian people for years, the war in the free mountains of Kurdistan are important links in the liberation struggles of the oppressed. Arabs, Kurds, Turks, Armenians, Greeks, Assyrians/Syriacs, Circassians, Chechens, all oppressed people of whatever nation and faith must stand up for their liberation and fight against oppression and the reign of the sultans. The only way to liberation is the democratic people’s revolution. This is possible. As long as we believe in it and dare to unite for this cause and fight with determination. This is the common longing and dream of the peoples for

Our party, positioned in the important link of the liberation struggle of the peoples of the Middle East, continues to fight for the destruction of the fascist Turkish state and the establishment of a democratic people’s power that truly represents all the oppressed. The liberation of the peoples of Turkey and Kurdistan means the liberation of the peoples of the Middle East. The way of liberation of the people of Northern and Eastern Syria, which is under the direct occupation threat of the fascist Turkish state, passes through the overthrow of the
Turkish fascist state and the construction of the democratic people’s power. With this claim, our party continues the People’s War in the struggle for the democratic people’s revolution.

Glory to our party TKP-ML in its 51st year!

Glory to Marxism Leninism Maoism!

Glory to our People’s Army TIKKO, our Women’s Organisation KKB, our
Youth Organisation TMLGB!

Glory to those who walked on the path of revolution, to those who were
immortalised for this cause…

Communist Party of Turkey-Marxist Leninist (TKP-ML)

Middle East Party Committee

April 2023