CPI (Maoist): Long Live World Proletarian May Day!


International Affairs Central Committee 

Dated: 15th April 2023

Long Live World Proletarian May Day!

Let us consolidate the proletariat whose lives are becoming destabilized in the recessionary conditions across the world.

Fight against the threat of Imperialist war!

Intensify the anti- imperialist struggles!

Dear workers of the world!

“Workers of the world, unite,’ There is nothing to loosen for proletarian except the shackles of the slavery “was said by our great teachers Marx and Engels. May Day is the day of the World proletarian class who achieved their genuine rights with their heroically struggles.  For the past 137 years, the world wide working class is celebrating this day with great determination and the revolutionary enthusiasm. They are waging very militant struggles against the suppression of their rights and achieving their just demands. On the occasion of this World May Day, the proletarian Day, let us convey our best red salutes to the working class of the world and pay our rich tribunes those who laid their precious lives to the sake of the world socialism.

Last century was the century of the successes of the proletarian revolutions. Apart from the revolutions of the Russia and China, the revolutions of the working class in many countries of the world were successful and formed a socialist camp.  The red flags were hastened on the one six of the globe. But those successes were not stood last long. The political power of the proletariat and the people’s democratic dictatorship was defeated. The revisionists has become strong in the revolutionary parties and in the governments of the working class and captured the power. This is the misery of working class.

The socialist camp of the world had ended with the emergence of Soviet social imperialism first in the USSR and then after China has become as a new social imperialist country in the history. In spite of it, the working class movements are still going on all over the world. The anti- imperialist mass struggles are also intensifying across the world. On the other hand, the new Maoist parties are emerging in different countries across the world. This has become a trend of the day. To break these struggles and the new trend, the revisionists and neo revisionists who colluded with the bourgeois class are the main danger for it. Without exposing them and without defeating their machinations, the working class will not be able to advance their struggles in the direction of seizure of political power.  We are very confident that, on this occasion of the May Day, the advanced section of the revolutionary proletariat of all the countries will recognize the danger of it and alert the working class to use better the present revolutionary conditions to intensify the working class struggles.

Dear proletarian comrades,

For the past few years, the working class movement across the world is gaining momentum year by year. Today’s world has bogged down in the conditions of severe recession and the lives of the laborers of all the countries are becoming very miserable. Now, once again the collapsing of the banks has started. America’s third largest bank, Silicon Valley Bank, collapsed due to the gigantic fall in the share values. The collapse of the banks will destroy and destabilize again the economies around the world. On the other hand, for the last three years, the Covid-19 pandemic created by the imperialists is making the entire public, including the working class has been destabilized. Still the world is suffering with different variants of Covid. In the name of vaccine, the imperialists looted the toiling masses, but none of the vaccines could completely eradicate the epidemic. In the time of Covid, the lives of poor laborers were largely ruined by the lockdown policies implement ted by the governments. The exploitative governments around the world did a great deal to save the big corporates houses in the times of recession. But, no one government was worried about the welfare of the toiling masses. No comprehensive politics were devised to save the poor and toiling ones.  Therefore, this is right time for the working class who has identified the cunning nature of the governments, has to intensify the struggle against it.

The world is being burning in the flames of the war since last year which was ignited by the imperialists.  On the one hand the imperialist Russia and on the other hand U.S imperialists and its NATO alliance are disastrously burning the land of Ukraine in to the ashes of war. The imperialist Russia imposed the war on Ukraine in the name of special military operation is condemnable and it is more seriously condemn- able which U.S and its allies NATO war mongers are implementing the disastrous war policies which are leading to the destructive results. With the consequences of war the people of both countries are facing serious problems. Till now, there are reports of death toll is more than 1.5 lakh people in Ukraine. Millions of people have been displaced and migrated as refugees. The fields of Ukraine is wetting with the blood of soldiers and people. But the neo Nazi Zelensky is not only even getting ready for talks but also encouraging his armies and people to fight with neo Tsarist Russia with the help of US and its NATO alliance. In this war, it is crystal clear that military corporate houses and U.S imperialist are mainly getting enormous profits. In the last one year’s war, U.S imperialist alone has delivered more than $ 30 billion of war material to Ukraine in the name of assistance, which shows the extent of its profits. The working class of the world is raising its voice to stop this war immediately. Public demonstrations against the war are continuing in many countries of the world. They must step up their voices against the ongoing war. In that direction, on the occasion of the May Day it is the need of the hour to take resolute decision by the working class of all the countries.

There is an upsurge of working class movements all over the world. Meanwhile, millions of workers in Britain  are undergoing  strike like never  before  in this decade  to demand  higher  wages  and lower  prices  of essential  commodities.  The working  class of France is fighting for their demands by taking themselves to the streets. The workers of all countries of Europe and America are struggling to achieve their just demands. In India also all types of government employees are resorting for strike. Mainly lakhs of contract workers, Aanganwadi workers, Asha workers, Sanitation workers and Health workers are undergoing strike to increase their wages and to treat them equal with government employees and get them be permanent. Millions of farmers of India are also struggling in an unprecedented way.  In South Asia mainly Sri Lanka and Pakistan are entrenched in economic crisis in, the poor and oppressed people are getting troubled by the soaring prices. In the countries of Africa and Latin America also the toiling masses are fighting for their just demands. Today the world is burning with the strikes of working class.  Another side it has become a phenomenon of the world to entrench the workers from their jobs.  The big corporate houses are entrenching the labor in big number.  They are coming on the roads with their just demands. There is a need of working class revolutionary parties to lead this struggles.  It’s high time to consolidate the working class in the appropriate forms of struggle and organizational structures. All the militant struggles must be equipped with the seizure of political power politics. Failing to do so, the working class will become a scapegoat for revisionist politics, being satisfied with a four dollar increase in the wages and trapped in the decades of economism and reformism. That’s why on the occasion of May Day, we will take an oath by taking the red flag in our hands that we will not do like this.

The Ukraine war instigated by the imperialists does not seem to stop; they are intensifying the threat of a world war. The threat of nuclear war is also on the rise. Ukraine is not only the country in the world that is falling prey to imperialist war. Millions of people are dying in Yemen. In so many countries, millions of people are becoming scapegoats for the interests of the imperialist wars. The world is more disturbed due to imperialist policies of serving their own interest. Due to the imperialist policies the environmental crisis is increasing. The imperialists wars are one of the main reasons behind the increasing of in the sufferings of the working class. The root cause of today’s crisis is also the same. Imperialism is the only reason for the violation of the rights of the working class and also for the massacres across the world. The wars led by single U.S imperialist are more than 300 in the history after it has become a nation killed millions of people across the world. It wants to fulfill its lust of hegemony of the world and get enormous profits it never hesitated to destruct the world. Every single step taken by U.S imperialism leads to a devastating war somewhere in the world in one or the other way. The U.S imperialists and its traditional ally Europe are on the one hand and the Russian imperialists and Chinese on the other hand are very greedy to re divide the world. As a result, the whole world is suffering with devastating war, crisis, recession, hunger, poverty, oppression, unemployment and price rise. Let us strive to create the world which will be war free. But that is not possible without the end of imperialism.  So, let us more intensify the anti- imperialist militant struggles. Let us equip it with the revolutionary politics to protect it from the temptations of economism and reformism of all kinds of revisionists.

In some countries of the world, particularly U.S imperialists and its European ally countries the right-wing parties are promoting racism. The danger of fascism is increasing in many countries. For the last 10 years, the Hindutva forces are in power in India are implementing their fascist policies.  To destroy the diversity of the country, they are imposing their reactionary policies on the people of the country. They have declared 2024 as the last date to completely eliminate the people’s war going on in the country for more than last five decades. The areas of Maoist movement are being suppressed by drone strikes, helicopter firing and deployment of lakhs of police and paramilitary forces. In order to end the decades- long revolutionary movement of the Philippines, the government of Junior Marcos is increasing the repression with the help of American imperialists in an unprecedented manner. In order to stop the ongoing people’s wars in Turkey, Peru and some other countries, the comprador ruling classes of that states are intensifying the attacks under the guidance and assistance of the imperialists. Palestine and different national movements are also being crushed for decades. But their struggles are going on. Let us stand firmly with the people those who are continuing the people’s wars and nationalist movements in their countries opposing the imperialists and comprador bureaucratic bourgeoisie and feudalism.  This is the duty bound task of the proletarian. On the occasion of the May Day the working class must take oath to consolidate the ongoing revolutionary struggles in their respective countries and to increase mutual fraternal movements. Every step of the working class has to advance in the direction of revolutionary politics of seizure of political power. This May Day must be celebrated as the Day of Struggle by the working class to intensify its struggles in the direction of ending the imperialism on the globe.

Long live Proletarian class May Day.

Down with revisionism and neo-revisionism.

Down with imperialism

Let us fight against the danger of world war/atomic war.

Let us stand resolutely in the support of ongoing people’s wars and build strong solidarity movements in support of it.

With revolutionary greetings,


I/C.  International affairs Central Committee,

CPI (Maoist)

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