HBDH YK: “We are all Hrant, we are all Armenian”

We Will Destroy Fascism, We Will Win Freedom

We are all Hrant, we are all Armenian

It has been 15 years since Hrant Dink, one of the honorable sons of the Armenian people, was murdered by a state assassination. We commemorate Hrant with respect and love on the 15th anniversary of his death, and share the unceasing pain of the Dink family, his friends, and the Armenian people.

Hrant Dink was one of the revolutionary intellectuals who wanted an equal and free life for all peoples and workers who were oppressed in the lands of his birth, who not only wanted it, but aimed it for himself. Grant; He believed wholeheartedly that equality and fraternity were possible in the ancient lands of Mesopotamia, drenched with the blood of the peoples, and that this could only be achieved through the united struggle of the peoples. He was a determined defender of this idea, to which he was attached with his mind and heart. He maintained his commitment and belief to this idea until his last breath. He did not back down from this struggle until that vile and treacherous bullet escaped from the hand of the racist, fascist hitman.

Hrant was killed because he was Armenian. Yes, he is in charge of the AGOS newspaper, he is a worker, but more than that, he is an activist, a revolutionary. The roots of the Armenian people are in these lands, and they are firmly attached to these lands. It is fighting for the equality of peoples by being tied to these lands. He is one of the pioneers of the struggle for the democratic enlightenment of the Armenian people. He is a courageous, determined and unyielding intellectual revolutionary in the struggle for social confrontation in the international agenda of the Armenian genocide reality. He is a descendant of the Paramazlar who brought the idea of ​​communism to the understanding of the communist party and started its construction in Anatolia. They hanged the Paramazs and killed Hrant, but they could not stop the people's search for an equal and free world. They can't stop!

Hrant Dink was murdered, but the fascist Turkish state could not achieve its goal. The racist and chauvinistic policies that turned the oppressed peoples and workers into enemies with the slogan “We are all Armenians” on the lips of the hundreds of thousands who bid farewell to Hrant, were abolished. This embrace of Hrant by hundreds of thousands created the right ground for the workers and the oppressed to unite. Since January 19, 2007, Hrant Dink has become one of the symbols of the united struggle of all oppressed peoples, Armenian, Kurdish, Assyrian, Circassian, Roman and Turkish, against fascism, and a source of resistance in the struggle.

The past of the fascist Turkish state is a history written in blood based on countless massacres and genocide. The persecution of the Armenian people since the 1915 Union and Progress, on the other hand, occupies a much more special place in this bloody history. On April 24, the language of the Armenian people was cut off and silenced. By destroying its intellectuals, its ability to raise its voice, organize and resist was eliminated. He was disarmed. The Genocide murder achieved its purpose. The Armenian people, who were millions yesterday, are only a handful in Anatolia today. The survivors of the Holocaust were scattered all over the world like pomegranate seeds. The Armenian nation was destroyed in its ancient homeland, and the murderous state achieved its goal of establishing a nation-state.

Therefore, the murder of Hrant Dink is nothing but the continuation of the 1915 Armenian Genocide by the bourgeois fascist Turkish state. The policy of enmity, hatred and hatred towards the Armenian people has been used as the building block of the idea of ​​a dominant Turkish nation.

The fascist Turkish bourgeois state continues to use these racist demagogues to poison large masses and new generations, and to strengthen Turkish chauvinism. The racist, chauvinistic, nationalist demagogy continues to use and commit crimes to intimidate, oppress and destroy the nation, people and beliefs oppressed at the hands of the bourgeois Turkish state. Armenians, Alevis, Kurds and Arabs are still being targeted for racist and nationalist attacks, lynchings and massacres. The fascist bourgeois Turkish state takes advantage of racism and chauvinism in order to get out of the crisis of rule, and clings to these reactionary ideologies.

It will be the united struggle of the peoples that will disrupt this. The liberation of the toiling peoples and the oppressed living in the lands of Turkey and Northern Kurdistan is interconnected. The struggle against fascism must be carried out together with the struggle against chauvinism and racism. For this reason, one cannot stand against racism or be anti-fascist in Turkey and Kurdistan without embracing the slogan 'We are all Armenians', which hundreds of thousands of people shouted together as they bid farewell Hrant to eternity, without embracing the fact of genocide, and being the defender of the demands of the Armenian people. The history of Turkish nationhood is based on lies, distortion and demagogy, and this has been imposed on social consciousness. This is a bloody history in which the pioneers of the working people, progressives, revolutionaries and socialists must first confront and then settle. It is possible to build the brotherhood bridge of the peoples by confronting this historical reality.

On the 15th anniversary of his immortality, we commemorate that great-hearted and loving person with love and longing, one of the indomitable soldiers of the peoples' struggle for equality and brotherhood. We make a promise to Hrant and to our Armenian people in his person. We will uproot this poisonous ideology that will destroy fascism and racism from ancient lands, and we will gain freedom. We will raise our struggle until we realize this goal, and we will build a social system in Mesopotamia where peoples will live equally and in fraternity.

Let's destroy fascism and win freedom. Forward further.

We are all Hrant, we are all Armenian!

HBDH Executive Board