TMLGB MK: The Symbol of Immortality Communist Leader İbrahim Kaypakkaya is 70 Years Old!

The Symbol of Immortality Communist Leader İbrahim Kaypakkaya is 70 Years Old!

Communist Leader İbrahim Kaypakkaya, the architect of the analyzes that challenge the limitations of his life and the indomitable activist stance, is immortal. He is the representative of ideological clarity and simplicity for more than half a century that no one can afford to destroy or cover up. Kaypakkaya is the immortal symbol of the revolutionary tradition and legacy rooted in the bosom of our people, which the unlimited power of a handful of oppressors who want to dominate the millions of oppressed cannot be removed. It is the revolutionary rhythm that resonates most clearly in our ears with the harmony between what it says and what it does. He is the master of carefully combining theory and practice at every moment of his struggle, like the links of the chain. Kaypakkaya is the simplest form of turning the attacks of the enemies of the revolution into desperation through resistance. It is the courage to challenge the old with a life full of ideological, political, organizational inquiries and revolutionary ruptures.

to give students of Marxism-Leninism-Maoism science in 46 years of his death, we remember indomitable leader of the revolution in Turkey Ibrahim Kaypakkaya respectfully as TMLGB. As young communists who claim to be his successors and live their ideals and name, every May 18 is a day of resistance, struggle and fight for us. It is the day to smash the darkness that has fallen on our people with the determination of Comrade Leader.

It is the day to organize the struggle of the oppressed millions for freedom and to take the future of millions forward. It is the day to raise the cry of rebellion raised by workers, laborers, public youth, women and LGBTI + against exploitation and oppression, unemployment and poverty. It is the day to direct the growing anger of our people to the enemies of the revolution.

Party and Revolution, Glory to Our 1st Congress!

We salute the will of the Party, which welcomed the 70th anniversary of our Party, which was protected by comrade comrade's 47th birthday like a pupil, by realizing the historical duty of the 1st Congress. We, as TMLGB, enthusiastically salute the communist will, which built the will of the Party by carrying out the 1st Congress, which is a reflection of remaining loyal to his legacy and the most concrete task of the moment, the Congress that the Leader Comrade was planning but did not have enough to realize, based on the communist theses that are his legacy, and that constitutes the program of our Party.

We have our word, now is the time to act. We, as young communists, reaffirm our promise to fulfill the tasks revealed by our 1st Congress, as we commemorate the 46th anniversary of the death of Comrade Leader.

We will approach our missions by taking the steadfast spirit of the leading comrade, which extends from the peaks of the mountains to the dungeons of fascism, which knows no space and borders. As we step with this consciousness, its ideological clarity will be our guide in removing the barriers we encounter.

Communist Leader İbrahim Kaypakkaya is Immortal!

Party and Revolution, Glory to Our 1st Congress!

Long Live Our Party TKP-ML, People's Army TIKKO, Women's Organization KKB, Our Youth Organization TMLGB!

War, Learn, Advance Our Power TMLGB!


May 2019