May Day Statement by Maoist Parties and Organizations

 Proletarians and oppressed peoples of the world, unite!

May 1st against imperialism, reaction, misery and war for proletarian and socialist revolution all over the world!

The May 1st is the day in which the working class and the exploited masses of the world fill the squares and streets in all countries as a single international class, mobilized against world capitalist exploitation.

On this day, workers and people’s masses expose the capitalist system and the imperialist rule on the oppressed countries, oppose the collaborationist trade union organizations and the “workers-seller” parties which glorify class conciliation with the exploiters, the exploitation of wage labor at the serving the big monopolies of the imperialism that accumulate profits and wealth.

Prices of essential goods are the highest in the last 40 years; real wages of the working class have fallen furtherly; unemployment and shrinkage of the workforce are dramatically increasing in all major industries. Over the past 10 years, 99% of the world’s wealth is owned by the 1% of capitalists.

The capitalist destruction of the environment and nature advances, accelerating and increasing natural disasters which social inequality turns into terrible tragedies for the peoples of the world.

Capitalism is a system of accumulation, profit and exploitation on the working classes; capitalist production is marked by ever more social production and ever more private appropriation. It is the fundamental contradiction which causes its inevitable decline.

As Marx rightly pointed out, capital drips with blood and filth from every pore, from head to toe, and the only emancipation of the working class is to destroy the capitalist system by all means and necessary force.

Marx and the communists affirm that the engine of history is the class struggle and today the world is faced with a historical situation in which, on the one hand, imperialism is in crisis, scaring it on the proletarians and people’s masses, repressing the struggle and the proletarian and communist organizations; on the other hand the proletarians and the people’s masses engage into increasingly widespread struggles and revolts questioning the imperialist and reactionary governments, the bourgeois states, and the entire imperialist capitalist social system.

The whole world is seeing how the classist and combative movement of the working class and peoples masses against the pension reform of the Macron government seize the streets in Paris and other French cities; big struggles also develop in Great Britain, Germany, Switzerland, etc.

The French imperialist state responds to these great struggles with repression. But repression does not stop but fuels the struggle of the proletarians and people’s masses who develop militant struggles over the edge of bourgeois democracy. The bourgeoisie can no longer govern with parliaments and elections, the proletarians and the masses are deserting the elections.

Today more than ever it is clear that it is the imperialist capitalists who are impeding social progress, they are the parasitic class that must be wiped off the face of the earth. The struggles of the proletarians and people’s masses, who are resisting the attacks of the capitalists on wages, jobs, health care, living conditions must advance until delete the cause of their exploitation, by abolishing private property over the means of production and the privilege of take possession of the product of labour.

History has shown that in order to overcome the crisis, imperialism marches towards the war of partition of the world and conquest of the world market. The Russia/Ukraine war is a result of the imperialist competition between Russia and US/Nato alliance – in the contest of other competitions in the world, Russia/UE and Usa/China – it is a war of division of the world, for the monopoly control of natural resources. Since the beginning of the war, the profits of the war industries, the oil and gas companies have doubled, while the conditions of the working class, of the peasants and people’s masses have further worsened.

The need for socialism and communism emerges from the crisis of imperialism, from the struggles of the proletarians and peoples of the world. The proletarian struggles, the uprisings of peoples, youth, women, migrants demand unity, organization and leadership, a program to overthrow the old and reactionary power and to build a new power, for a new society.

Faced with the world economic crisis, the bourgeoisie of the imperialist countries are marching towards a war to deal with it; another butchery for an imperialist war for a new division of the world. All the imperialist countries, US, Russia, China, Germany, Great Britain, France, Italy…, Japan and their military alliances, are actively preparing for world war, using all their weapons already available, renewing their arsenals with state-of-art weapons for which the war industry accumulates gigantic profits.

Faced with the preparations for a world war, the ruling classes, lackeys of the oppressed countries, put themselves at the service of their respective imperialist masters against the interests and will of their own peoples.

The only social force capable to oppose war and, when it breaks out, to transform it into a revolutionary war are the proletarians. In the imperialist countries it need to block the deployment of troops, weapons, the recruitment of proletarians as “cannon fodder” for an unjust war. In the countries oppressed by imperialism, it must intensify the anti-imperialist struggle and people’s wars. The unity and revolutionary struggles of the proletarians and peoples of the world can transform the preparations for an imperialist war and the war itself into a revolutionary civil war, into a war of the people’s masses to destroy imperialist domination and defeat the power of capital in all countries.

All the Marxist-Leninist-Maoist Parties and Organizations of the world must transform the current crisis of imperialism and imperialist war into movements of proletarians and people’s masses in the world, aimed at the revolution, according to the different stage in the different countries, New Democracy’s revolution in semicolonial/semifeudal Nations and socialist revolution in imperialist/capitalist countries.

It is up to the communists to set an example of internationalist unity and struggle against the preparations for a new world imperialist carnage; to unite and coordinate efforts in all countries to promote the revolutionary struggle of the proletarian and people’s masses armies against the deployment of troops and weapons for imperialist wars, reactionary wars, unjust wars; to stand in a common front with all the revolutionary, anti-imperialist, genuine democratic forces that oppose war and the military support by the lackey regimes for their imperialist masters all over the world, especially in the semi-colonial and semi-feudal countries; to reject and expose the reformist, opportunist social-democratic forces which sometimes, in the name of the proletariat and the people, support one of the imperialist factions, which are all mortal enemies of the oppressed and exploited of the world; to intensify the class struggle, strengthen the tools of resistance and defense of the workers, the genuine class unions, i.e. those who organize the workers’ struggles in the factories, in the sectors of highest exploitation, in the new realities of wage labor; to intensify the national revolutionary struggle against national oppression and the support to them in imperialist countries; to support the great struggles of the peasant masses for the land to those who work it; to develop the revolt and struggle of women all over the world as revolutionary proletarian movement, against discrimination, inequality, femicides and rape, the denial of abortion right, the double oppression of a modern Middle Ages in imperialist countries and of the feudal servitude in countries oppressed by imperialism; to intensify the militant struggle against fascism and racism, organizing particularly in the imperialist countries the struggle of migrants for reception, the right to asylum, freedom of movement, the right to work, wage, housing, against the slaughters in the sea and on land; to rely on the rebellion of the youth masses to organize them as the front line of the revolutionary struggle against the bourgeois state; to fight for the release of political prisoners and all our class brothers and sisters locked up in the prisons of imperialism and reactionary regimes.

The unity of the world proletariat, the unity of the proletarians and the oppressed peoples of the world is the substance of internationalism.

Internationalism requires that in every country the working class organize into its own independent political party, the Communist Party, today the Marxist-Leninist-Maoist party, and that the communist parties of all countries unite in a genuine International Conference, to build a single international organization in the view and perspective of a new Communist International.

The Marxist-Leninist-Maoist communists are on the march, learning from experience, from mistakes, from the historical shortcomings that have prevented them from being ready for the new historical conjuncture.

We need to build and develop genuine proletarian and revolutionary parties, Marxist-Leninist-Maoist communist parties, real avant-garde units of the working class, able to handle strategies and tactics appropriate to the different countries, to the different stages; able to use legal and illegal forms of organization and struggle, able to learn from the masses and get rid of the rotten revisionism, of old and new forms, without falling into sterile, idealist, subjectivist, militarist petty bourgeois extremism.

We need to build the anti-capitalist, anti-fascist and anti-imperialist united front, which is essential to achieve the real leadership of the broad masses and to take profit of the contradictions within the class enemy, according to the conditions existing in the different countries.

We need to give birth to the fighting force that construct the proletarian army, able to develop the class war, revolutionary war, protracted people’s war.

Death to imperialism! Let us fight for socialism and communism!

Long live Marxism-Leninism-Maoism!

Long live proletarian internationalism!



Communist Worker Union (mlm) Colombia

Construction Committee of the Maoist Communist Party of Galicia

Maoist Communist Party – Italy

Communist (Maoist) Party of Afghanistan

Communist Party of India (Maoist)

Communist Party of Nepal (Majority)

Communist Party of Nepal (Maoist- Revolutionary)

Red Road of Iran (Maoist group)

Proletarian Party of Purba Bangla (PBSP/Bangladesh)

Communist Party of Turkey – Marxist Leninist (TKP-ML)

Bulgarian Workers’ and Peasants’ Party

Maoist Revolutionary League (MRL) – Sri Lanka

Russian Maoists