Prisoners of DKP/BÖG, MKP and TKP-ML cases: “As revolutionaries from Turkey, we salute the Palestinian liberation struggle, the people and their resistance.”

To the Parliament, the Press and the Public…

For nearly a month and a half, the attacks on Gaza have been going on in front of the eyes of the world. Since declaring itself a “state”, Zionist Israel has been committing genocidal massacres against the Palestinian people without any justification. In addition to houses and living spaces, hospitals, schools, ambulances are being hit; women, children, elderly people who survived the bombardment wounded by chance are massacred by bombing hospitals and ambulances. The Palestinian people are being slaughtered from infants to old defenceless people.

This massacre, this attempt to exterminate a people cannot be considered independent of imperialism’s expansionist, colonialist, dirty policies of surrendering and enslaving peoples. Zionist Israel is the most advanced outpost of imperialism in the Middle East. The support given by countries to Israeli Zionism since the massacre attempt is obvious. And the ships of the US Navy anchored off the coast of Gaza are on the natural gas reserves. What is wanted to be done is to seize the underground riches of the region, the expansionism of imperialism, the massacre and enslavement of the peoples.

While Zionist Israel is trying to destroy and annihilate the Palestinian people in the Middle East, they have made the Palestinian people vomit blood until today, with the support of the United States, Germany, France, Britain and the United Nations, an imperialist organisation that is silent on the massacre. While imperialism used Israel as an armed force in its dirty policy in the Middle East, it also justified the massacres it committed. The hypocritical presidents and prime ministers of these countries openly supported the oppression of Israel and defended Zionism. In this sense, the murderer of the Palestinian people, children and women is not only Zionist Israel.

What is happening in that geography today is the problem of Israel and the liberation struggle of the Palestinian people. The existence of imperialism and Zionist Israel, which vomits hatred against the oppressed peoples in the Middle East and does not hesitate to massacre, constitutes a great threat and problem against the peoples. Because they create their existence through the blood of the oppressed peoples, especially the Palestinian people.

We, as revolutionaries from Turkey, as TKP-ML, MKP, DKP / BÖG case prisoners in Tekirdağ F Type Prison No. 1, stand by the just struggle of the Palestinian people against imperialism and Zionism; We condemn all regimes that are collaborators of imperialism and Zionism, especially the USA and the EU, who are silent and support the massacre, and we condemn Israeli Zionism that carried out the massacre.

As revolutionaries from Turkey, we salute the Palestinian liberation struggle, the people and their resistance, which is also a part of our revolutionary history.

No to Occupation, Annexation, Colonialism!

Long Live Free Palestine!

10 November 2023

Tekirdağ F Type Prison No 1

TKP-ML, MKP, DKP / BÖG prisoners