TKP-ML KKB (Communist Women’s Union): The ones who have built the path of the woman liberation struggle are immortal!

 The ones who have built the path of the woman liberation struggle are immortal!

The interconnectedness of the exploitative and male-dominated system is parallel to the expand of the offensive policies against women, and in regards to the women in the country and worldwide violence, carnage and trivialization of labor is increasing as well. With many examples from the past to today, we know that the system is increasing its attacks with the differences in its policies in various periods in order to maintain the position of the woman as an oppressed gender.

However, another fact we know is the everlasting pursuit of freedom of the women which is moving parallel with this. From the past to the present, while the spontaneity of women consciousness has been continuing the struggle for existence in live, this spontaneity has evolved into the organization of the women’s consciousness. Every move made by the exploitative and male dominant system in order to produce and maintain the oppressing-oppressed relationship continues to be frustrated by women’s organization. Today, it is a result of this organization that women in the world and in the country turn every area against every attack into a fire.

While the history of women’s freedom struggle evolved from spontaneity to organization, the experience it offered us once again showed that; class struggle cannot be considered independent from women’s struggle. With this fact, we transformed our Party’s experience in women’s work into women’s organization with our 1st Congress. While declaring our organization, the need and claim to create the route that will carry us to the struggle for women’s freedom has been our guide. The aim of realizing the dream of freedom and equality, which our immortals have paid with their teeth, nails and lives, has accelerated our steps. With the awareness that the keystones of our struggle were laid by Ayfer, Sefagül, Gamze and all the other immortalized ones, we are excited to announce the establishment of KKB.

It should be known that; our Communist Women’s Unity, which we have announced, is part of the promise we made to them, together with the legacy of those who want to enlarge the fight fire in the middle of the fire in order to realize our claim to create an equal, nonexploitative and genderless world. Every success we have achieved in order to overthrow power in every field where male dominant mentality comes to life means to fulfill our promise to increase the heritage which they left to us.

In the month January we, as the Communist Women’s Union, once again longingly commemorate the ones we have lost and we bow respectfully to their memories.

We know that the realization of our promise to those who we have lost depends on the insistence and daring of the steps we take to destroy the patriarchy and the exploitative system! Today, with this information, we reaffirm the claim to blow up the fire in all areas of life, to fight against gender inequality, to enlarge our struggle by embracing women’s solidarity.

Every step we take regarding our claim means commemorating our immortal female comrades. We are shouting once again that we will develop our struggle for freedom with the awareness that the way to commemorate them is to feminize and de-gender every field and to fight against male dominant mentality.

We are following the footsteps of those who immortalized for the party and revolution!

Down with the patriarchal system of exploitation!

Long live our party TKP-ML, the people’s army TIKKO, our women organization KKB, our youth organization TMLGB!

TKP-ML Communist Women’s Union

 25 January 2020