PKK: We salute your party's persistence and practice in 50 years of revolutionary war, celebrate the 50th anniversary of the struggle and share your enthusiasm

We salute your party's persistence and practice in the 50-year revolutionary war, celebrate the 50th anniversary of the struggle, and share your enthusiasm.


Social movements gain existence through historical and cultural accumulations. This reality does not come naturally. It is a process created by will and determined practices. Here, 71 revolutionary breakthroughs are the result of such will and determination. It is a will and determination that brings the effect and potential of the 68 revolts to the perspective of revolutionary war from protest and occupation actions, without being stuck with the limits of the system, and creating the organization of this perspective and the army to fight 71 revolutionary output! Revolutionaries and revolutionary movements are the truths that capture AN and make AN's action practical. In this sense, exit 71 is a practice in which AN's revolutionary tasks are accomplished.

The March 12 fascist military coup was an effort to prevent this revolutionary outburst. Failed! As the comrades of the Denizs, Mahirs and Ibrahims, as revolutionaries from Kurdistan and Turkey, our relentless struggle against fascism continues.

As a party, we are the successors of this historical legacy. Leader Apo expressed at every opportunity that these great revolutionary leaders made the greatest contribution to his emergence and revolutionary development. He stated that his leadership was based on protecting the memories of Deniş Gezmiş, Mahir Çayan and İbrahim Kaypakkaya and achieving their goals.

For this reason; If there is a resistance that still exists in today's conditions in Turkey and Kurdistan and that strikes the fascist regime, it derives its source from the great legacy of this revolutionary break.

TKP-ML is one of the most important positions of its 71 revolutionary breakthroughs. And it shows that it continues to be with the necessity of armed struggle and its insistence on people's war. The 50-year history of struggle is a history of war and struggle in which great prices are paid. The battle is won by paying the price. The revolutionary leader Kaypakkaya Yoldaş, Süleyman Cihan, Mehmet Demirdağ, Kazım Çelik, Barbara Anna Kistler, Nubar Ozanyan and hundreds of immortal comrades whose names we cannot remember, are the will, determination, costs and successors of this struggle. Once again, we remember him with respect and gratitude.

April 24 is also the date of the genocide that was developed against the Armenian people. The genocidal mentality and political practices of the fascist Turkish Republic continue today against the peoples of the region, especially the Kurdish people. The invasion attacks launched on Medya Defense Zones are a genocidal attack on the freedom values ​​of Kurdistan. For this, an annihilation attack is carried out against the guerrilla forces, which are the creative and defensive power of these values. These attacks will be broken and fascism will be defeated. With this determination and will, we display a relentless resistance.

Our common struggle, growing in the mountains and in the cities, will defeat fascism. The People's United Revolutionary Movement and the Women's United Revolutionary Movement, which we have built on a strong historical legacy, are the guarantee of our revolutionary war and struggle. Our fight against the fascist AKP-MHP regime, our revolutionary mobilization move "We will destroy fascism, we will win freedom" is developing on this basis.


We believe that the words of Comrade Kaypakkaya, "I wish for a firmer, stronger, more determined war" in Amed dungeon, will become practical in the 50th year of the war, and we wish success to the entire staff, warriors, militants and sympathizers in the new war year.


Partiya Karkerên Kurdistan (PKK)


Note: This is the message sent at the 50th anniversary of TKP-ML.